PUBLIC NOTICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Beware of Strange People Asking You for the Location of Strange Places

Hi Aba is Good Online Magazine Editor!
I want to first of all thank you for this unconventional vision you guys have to give Aba residents corporate voice on the internet. May God continue to provide for you guys.
Please, help me share this story and of course testimony to all my friends in Aba and those intending to visit any moment from now. This is something that happened to me personally and I want to use your platform to warn everyone about the strange activities going in Aba recently. It is strange to me because I am surprise that they are people who are living this kind of life.
God saved me from fraudsters and here is my story.
It was on Wednesday 1st July, 2015 (the first day of the second half of the year), at exactly 8:00am along Clifford Road by Green Street that a man met me while I was coming back from a friend’s house where I had passed my night. He tapped me on the right shoulder from behind to call my attention, and quickly, I turned to see if I knew this person from Adam as he also simultaneously screamed “excuse me!” Unfortunately, I didn’t know him and neither does his face look familiar to anyone I have ever met in my life.
As a polite “Nwa Aba” (that is, Aba brought up), I stood to hear him out as I responded quickly “Yes! Can I help you?” He gently said; “Sorry, do you know JJ Computer? Em….. I’m looking for JJ Computer.” As he was ending the “com-pu-ter..” I responded, “Yes! See it there at the junction. It is not far from here. Let’s walk down the road.” As though he knew I was catching the game and hitting him with bad market, he said, “I mean J-J Computer. Where is it?” And I answered again, “Let’s keep going, that’s the direction I’m going. It is not far from here.” All of a sudden, he stopped moving. I told him “no, it is not far from here” but he refused to go again.
As he tried to make some funny movement to save his life, I landed on him like a hungry lion, dragged him closer and insisted I must take him to J-J Computers. As we opened up a drama scene there, people gathered. I gave him the 1st , 2nd and 3rd blows as he scampered for breath. Finally we were separated but I had thought him a lesson of a lifetime that it is not everybody on the street of Aba that is dupable.
I had to force myself to write this long sermon to you because I know that there are thousands of visitors of Aba is Good Online Magazine who may have gone through this kind of challenge or will be confronted with a similar thing in the future. They must learn of me.
Yes. I agree with you guys that Aba is good but in the language of Ruff Coin, “Ihie Umu guy erigi oru” (meaning if you mess up or play too cool some bad guys will take advantage of you).
If you bend down you will see Aba.
Thank you. Reader

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