Tears From The Heart - Romantic But Educating Story

By Genny Okoli
You are always been paranoid without even noticing it, Kelvin said with full boldness. He has been arguing for almost two hours with his friend Emeka over an issue. When Sylvia walked in, the countenance of his face didn’t let him welcome his woman very well.

“I wish you can understand, Kelvin said quietly and left. However, thank God that Sylvia is here, at least, to make me calm down my nerves.” “I really need her now” he said to himself and dashed into the bedroom to see her and also apologize for his naughty behaviour few minutes ago at the sitting room.

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“Sweetheart, I’m very sorry for my uncontrolled anger, especially my behaviour towards you”, Kelvin said to Sylvia in apology. “I shouldn’t have let my argument with my friend take the better part of me to the point of disregarding your presence” Kelvin said with a mild and romantic tone.
“Gosh! That was too harsh” Sylvia retorted. “Anyway, is alright” Sylvia said to Kelvin. “Come here”, she hugged him, wrapped him in her arms and kissed his lips. It was such a passionate kissing that Kelvin could not dare withdraw his mouth. As Sylvia tried to quit the game which was actually engineered to showcase a clean heart of forgiveness, Kelvin pressured in. Suddenly, Sylvia managed to remove her lips because the whole thing was becoming to passionate.

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Surprisingly to Kelvin, Sylvia said; “please, I am not ready for all these”, she picked her bag, buckled her shoe and left. Kelvin was astonished by her behaviour, and in anger, he picked up his phone and called Jane. “Hello Jane, are you in town?” Kelvin asked. “Yes. I am in town. Any problem?” Jane replied. “Please, can you come over to my house now? I need someone to be with” Kelvin requested. “No problem, I am on my way”, she answered.
“I know anyone that heard me must have wondered the manner of man I am but I really need sex right now, and that is why I called Jane because she is a ‘runs’ girl” Kelvin said in soliloquy.
Luckily to Kelvin, Jane was able to make it within one hour and she was so romantically dressed and with the looks of “a super strong character in bed.” Like a hungry lion, Kelvin grabbed her, undressed her and behold, her two apples were ripe and ready to be devoured on. Without wasting time, Kelvin did justice to the two apples with his mouth, using his tongue to blow the pointed nipple before moving down to the down region. She screamed and moaned as he penetrated her deeper and deeper. 

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He hurriedly did the first round and was warming up to go for the second as Jane had her mouth on his thick carrot with all the natural cream of a man already spread across her lips when suddenly, Kelvin’s door was flung open and it was Sylvia again. She had forgotten her phone in Kelvin’s house few hours ago she came.
Something terrible beyond imagination had happened afterwards but I don’t have to let the cat of the bag until the next episode.

To be continued……..

About the Writer

Genny okoli is an Undergraduate of Environmental Science and Resource Management at National Open University of Nigeria, Abagana, Anambra State. She is a leading contestant in the ongoing competition for ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE LADY OF THE WEEK. She loves dancing and reading.

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