Tears From The Heart - Romantic But Educating Story (Episode Two)

By Genny Okoli

Continued from Episode One

Now, Kelvin has already been caught in the act with Jane. She stood at the door for almost ten minutes gazing at them.

It seemed like a movie to her but it was real. It happened. She saw it herself. Kelvin can’t deny this.

“You are just a cheat!” Sylvia barked at him and left.

As Kelvin turned back in the ocean of his confusion, Jane gave him a hot slap that the heat it generated was heavy enough to melt an iron.

Kelvin became more confused that he wished the earth had opened to swallow him alive but that was the only castle built in the air he could make of himself at the moment.

Feeling guilty of his behaviour earlier, it was now done on Kelvin that he was losing Sylvia already. In his silence he wished he could turn back the hands of time. He rushed to the bathroom, hurriedly took his bath, dressed up and was contemplating on where to begin his apology when he visits Sylvia before his phone beeped, and it was a message from Sylvia.

It read; “All these while, I felt you were one for me. With all your promises you made me feel like I was already in paradise without knowing that it was all deception to lure me to bed at your taste. You are a cheat, a liar and a deceiver. You tried your best to disvirgin me, use my sumptuous apples as your feeding bottle almost on daily basis and rode on me like a German machine but I want to console myself with this today that it was all in our past. Everything we shared, we did in the past and they are all gone. Please, just let me be. Good bye.”

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Kelvin was so devastated to read that message from Sylvia. “I just wish she can understand me and hear me out”, Kelvin pleaded the world. “I think I need to see her” he said to himself and left the house. His conscience was already hurting him. He could not imagine himself standing in her face to apologize. “From where will I start defending or judging myself?” Kelvin said quietly.

He finally summoned courage to meet Sylvia whose heart has already bartered emotionally.

“What are you doing here? She asked Kelvin harshly and immediately entered her house.

“Please, Baby calm down let me explain” Kelvin pleaded quietly.

“You have got nothing to explain. Just let me be. What I saw in your house has explained everything. Go and be with your new catch” Sylvia pleaded with oceans of tears flowing down from her eyes. “I can’t” Kelvin interrupted. “I am dying gradually inside.” “I don’t care Mr Man. Just leave my house this minute before ……” Sylvia cuts in.

Kelvin was speechless for almost five minutes hearing her call him “Mr Man” unlike “Sweetheart, Honey or Darling” she use to call him before the wind blew the tail feathers of the cock.

“Gosh!!! How could she say all those things to me?” Kelvin kept asking himself.

At this end point of his confusion, Kelvin picked up his phone to call Emeka only for him to meet another waterloo as Emeka not only busied the call him but also switched off his office.

Now, all his good friends have abandoned and his heart full of tears.

About the Writer
Genny Okoli

Genny okoli is an Undergraduate of Environmental Science and Resource Management at National Open University of Nigeria, Abagana, Anambra State. She is a leading contestant in the ongoing competition for ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE LADY OF THE WEEK. She loves dancing and reading.