TEARS FROM THE HEART – Romantic but educating story (Episode 3)

By Genny Okoli

Continued from Episode 2

The next morning, Kelvin drove straight to Emeka’s house to settle his issues with him, and on getting there, he was shocked that Emeka was on his way to work but after much persuasion and pleading, Kelvin was able to convince Emeka to give him a listening ear.

Kelvin apologized to Emeka for the way he had treated him last time he was in his house and in Emeka’s response to him, he said; “it is okay my man but to be frank with you, you didn’t do well, especially the way you treated Sylvia. Sylvia is a good girl and I don’t think she deserved that. I’m even shock to hear that Sylvia caught you pant down with Jane. The worst was that she was sucking your dick when Sylvia came in. That was too bad you know. But can’t you for once keep that dangling thing in-between your legs at peace? Must you always allow your erection to give you direction?”

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“C’mon my man! You are talking as if you don’t understand. I was already on heat by then and I needed someone to help me extinguish the fire burning inside of me. Be that as it may, my main concern right now is how to get Sylvia back. I really need her back”, Kelvin said.

“Have you tried to apologize to her? Emeka asked him.

“Yes. I did, but she was so angry with me to the extent of asking me out of her house. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of giving her sometime to think” Kelvin replied.

Throughout that day, Emeka made fun of Kelvin actions on how he could not control his emotions. He would ask him; “do you need a lock and key to keep it safe from landing you into trouble the next time? Maybe you should promise Sylvia that you will lock it and give her the key so that she will be the only one to have access to it?”

However, both of them later decided to check on Sylvia but in their utmost surprise, it was unfortunate that Sylvia had travelled home – who knows, may be to heal her wounds.

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Since they could not meet Sylvia again, they checked into a bar close by. Emeka’s babe, Neky, who is so pretty and has got great and appealing cleavages, met them at the bar. She came around with her friend, Amanda who is so super hot and was so appealing to the eyes that Kelvin could not get his eyes off her for hours. On the contrary, Emeka never gave Kelvin a breathing space as he kept reminding of yesterday incident.

“Wow! I think I have seen someone that will replace Sylvia. She is hot and pretty. And from what the eyes can see, she must be very sweet in bed. With those standing apples on her chest and a padded back side, all I need in a woman is met” Kelvin said to himself.

Emeka tapped Kelvin to call him back from staring at Amanda the way he did but he said; “don’t get my life twisted, I just like appreciating good things.”

As an expert “chiker”, Kelvin fought tirelessly that evening to make Amanda fall love with him, which Amanda later did.

“What a big catch!” Kelvin said to himself.

Although Emeka was not in support of Kelvin’s moves but Kelvin still felt he needed Amanda and that from the look of things too, Amanda also needed him.

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To be continued in Episode 4…

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