The critical questions have remained;

Will anything good ever spring forth from Aba, Abia State?

When do we start enjoying the basic infrastructure other cities enjoy in abundance?

Will more industries be situated in Aba and when?

Do we have enough mineral resources that can make us indispensible?

Will this current administration solve the impending problems facing the city of Aba, Abia State?

All these and many more have been the rhetorical questions in the mind of Abians within and in the diaspora.

In my own perspective, here are some of the answers and solutions to these questions and problems.

Firstly, Abians especially Residents of Enyimba city must be encouraged to prove their worth. This is something that really needs to be emphasized.

There is no doubt that Aba (Enyimba city) is going through precarious experiences that are inimical to her growth. But the question most people seem not to ask is; “who are the sole Master-minders of this rape against the economy of Aba”? “Why do we accept everything table before us as ‘change’”? Abians as a whole cannot exonerate themselves from these blames.

However, like Walter Lippmann said; “The music is nothing if the audience is deaf.” Do we have a quest for infrastructure? And what are the conditions of the ones we have already?

We have seen situations where our collective properties were left to waste away; we have heard cases of theft of electrical cables, installation materials and vandalizing of Transformers. 

This act of wickedness ends up throwing some part of the city into darkness and afterwards brings economic activities to a halt.

As a young solution provider who wants to make impact using the platform of Aba is Good Online Magazine, I want to begin by advising that all must change how we see ourselves and what we think we are worth.

Industrialization is indeed the life wire of a State, which brings about commercial activities, trade and government attention and intervention. I am glad Aba is the home trade base of investments like PZ, Tonimas, Nigerian Breweries and Seven Up Bottling Company.

The Ariaria International Market that attracts both foreign and local investors and patronages is an enough greener pasture to make Abians in the Diaspora see the need to invest in Aba.

It is painful to say that most of our natural and human resources are yet untapped. Aba is gifted with raw potentials.
If the crude oil in Abia State must be fully explored, I will advice that the Federal Government should sell off the ones in Abia State if it has not been sold already.
Finally, the Education and Health Care facilities in Aba must be given immediate attention by the current administration. None might want to say it publicly but the remains that most Schools in Aba, Abia State do not have the requisite learning equipment and facilities needed to boost the standard of education as compared to other States in Nigeria.
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About the writer
Joshua Okezikam

Okezikam Joshua is a young Motivational Speaker, a Freelance writer, a Levite and an active member of Emchis Motivational Network – a network of talented people with major interest in Personal development, Business development and Public Speaking. He is a Columnist in Aba is Good Online Magazine. He is passionate about the affairs of Teenagers and is making strenuous effort to take up leadership position in the society. Indeed, he is an invaluable asset to our generation.

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