Who Says Buhari Has Out-performed His Predecessor?

President Buhari
It is shocking that agents of the administration have started with their propaganda to deceive Nigerians. Only yesterday, Alhaji Lai Muhammed came out to praise the government and even stated that it has done a lot more than his predecessor. I believe that we should all look into the administration to determine the sector that Buhari performed. Please forgive me for the "lengthy write-up"

It is on record that since President Buhari took over power from Dr Goodluck Jonathan, he is yet to initiate any high profile corruption case nor vigorously pursued those he inherited. Buhari inherited the case against exGov Timpre Sylva, disgraced Adamawa state exGov Muritala Nyako, his son Abdulaziz Nyako. He also inherited the case against exMinister Femi Fani Kayode, exGov Ali Modu Sheriff and immediate past Governor of Jigawa state Sule Lamido(and his sons). The case of Sylva is well publicised. Murtala Nyako was impeached for corruption and fled the country in 2014. He was declared wanted by EFCC in Feb 4, 2015 along with his son Abdulaziz Nyako.

In addition to the above, President Buhari is yet to initiate arrest and prosecution of any low profile case. The interrogation of NNPC officials was as a result of the May 18 directive that the exPetroleum Minister Diezani Madueke sent to EFCC after getting approval of then President Goodluck Jonathan. The 14 foreigners that are being tried for oil theft were arrested on March 8 under Jonathan by the Navy. They were later handed over to EFCC. The case of CBN fraudsters that are being tried for N8billion fraud was actually started in September 2014. The EFCC started their investigation in November 2014 and their arraignment followed after rigorous investigation. All these are under Jonathan. How many corruption cases has Buhari started? How can Buhari spokesperson claim Buhari has achieved more?

Between Feb 13 and May 29, Nigeria recorded huge success against BH terrorists. Since Buhari took over, BH have struck more than 12 times, killing over 600 Nigerians as a result. The case of the Chibok girls is not even being talked of. So in what way has Buhari achieved more than Jonathan in Security?

Since May 29, Nigeria's economy has been on the decline. According to The Punch, As of Thursday June 18, three weeks after the inauguration of the President on May 29, the value of equities listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange had declined by N238bn or 2.04 per cent, while the NSE All-Share Index fell by 2.47 per cent or 849.87 basis points.(Punch 19, June 2015). There is no policy framework on the economy as at today. Nigeria is floating on Auto-piloting system. So what has Buhari achieved?
Infrastructure, Education and Political Stability.

Since taking over government, Buhari is yet to mix "cement and sand together" not to talk of kick starting infrastructural project. Nothing has even been heard of electricity so far. Similarly, new policy direction has been heard on Education. The government and the party almost held the country and the National Assembly to ransom all because their preferred candidates lost principal office positions. This almost created a political chaos.

What has Buhari really achieved in these sectors?

The government and their agents seem to be determined to "rule" the country according to the tenet of propaganda.
Earlier this month, APC senior chief Nasir El-rufai told the world that officers of past administration have started returning stolen money. Because it is was a lie, he couldn't name any official. He didn't even mention the amount returned, time the money was returned, and the receiving party.

The government is also trying to deceive Nigerians that they are winning the war on terrorism because foreign governments pledged support. However, they failed to tell Nigerians that the rhetoric support of foreign government is not new. In fact on May 14 2014, world powers pledged to Nigeria under Dr Jonathan that they will support the anti-terrorism war.

The NNPC recently announced that the refineries "WILL" start working by next month (in their bid to give Nigerians the false hope that the government is working). However, they failed to tell Nigerians that President Buhari did not have a SINGLE input in the refineries turn around maintenance. In fact, he had no clue about what the contract papers look like. Anyway, the refinery is not working yet, we shall discuss more when it start to work.