1 Civilian, 2 Policemen Killed in Ariaria Int'l Market as the Police Engage the People in a Bloody Battle

A Policeman killed this boy in Aba
Members of the Nigeria Police Force stationed at Ariaria International Market, Aba this morning snuffed life out of one of the sons of Biafra.

According to an eye witness, the policemen came into the Shoe Line to arrest some group of boys who were smoking but instead of carrying out the arrest they came for, they started shooting. Unfortunately, they targeted the gun at one of the guys standing in front of his shop and shut him dead just to proof that they were serious. 

As a form of defense and in anger, the residence of Aba rushed the policemen, disarmed two of them and killed them while the rest ran away.

Chukwudi aka Danfo killed by a Policeman at Ariaria Aba

Some group of aggrieved boys took to the Police Station opposite Ariaria Market and dumped the corpse of the young man there for the police to do whatever they want with it.

This is not the first time Hausa Policemen serving in Aba is prematurely taking away the life of young and promising Umu Aba.

We want to use this medium to call on Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to warn these policemen posted to Aba to avoid arousing riots and sudden revoke to law enforcement agencies in the State.