5 Simple Strategies That Can Improve Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always
the result of a commitment to excellence,
intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
Paul J. Meyer
By Emenike Emmanuel

Often times, being productive does not necessarily mean you are making huge profit from your business but it is about fulfillment, knowing you did something fabulous with your time.

To become an Entrepreneur who can be rated to be productive, 5 things are most paramount. They include:
1.   Prioritize
Seeing you have a lot to accomplish in your to-do list and also being truthful enough to admit you can’t achieve that in a short range, there is an unavoidable choice of prioritizing. Priority is like a scale of preference where jobs to do, visions to achieve and targets to meet are placed in their order of importance and urgency.

Things which matter most must never be
 at the mercy of things which matter least.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When it comes to priority placing, I doff my cap for Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Oman. Seeing that his personal pilot was not accomplishing his life goals, Warren Buffett asked him to make a list of 25 things he wanted to get done before his death. Rather than advising this Pilot to work out strategies towards fulfilling all that, Warren Buffett asked his personal Pilot to pick out 5 things he thought were more important and ignore the rest. This, no doubt is because no can never live enough to accomplish as much as he intends to do.
Don’t sabotage yourself with bad habits. The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first.

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2.   Be flexible in your planning
Don’t ever be caught in the trap of trying to meticulously plan out every seconds of your day or you will be amazed how unfulfilled and empty your day will end up to become. Being over ambitious is not a sign of being productive as an Entrepreneur.

As a Writer, I rate my productivity by the number of articles I am able to write in a day, the number of books I am able to begin or complete in a month and the number of books I am able to read in a week. By understanding my capacity of productivity on these things, it will be suicidal to try planning my week without being flexible, seeing that I have some other responsibilities to undertake in the family, in the Church and in my business.
3. Set Deadlines and Stick to it
To become more productive or remain productive as an entrepreneur you must learn this principle of setting deadlines to every of your goals and try as much as you can to stick to it.

When I wanted to release my second AudioBook titled; “HOW TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR OF EXCELLENCE”, I gave myself a deadline of 2 weeks. Even when the studio guys who were recording my voice wanted to delay my plans I insisted on my deadline.
Set your principle and make it sacred,
and insist everyone abides by it.”
Emenike Emmanuel, MSP
Founder & CEO, Emchis Consulting
4. Take Responsibility
One of the things I like so much about Entrepreneurs is that they are solely responsibility for their success and failure. The day-to-day decisions and actions you take ends up summing your success or failure.

Do not push off responsibility otherwise you will not develop your capacity. Be responsible in helping your customers make each decision in the proper order.
5. Leverage on the Experience of Others
Leverage simply means “the ability to do more with less.” When it comes to the idea of money, work and leverage, Rich Dad will advice; “if you want to become rich, you need to work less, and earn more. People who only work hard have limited leverage.”

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According to Shawn, Founder, www.TheMillionaireSecrets.net, he said; “Leverage is power.

No matter how bad it is nor how bad it gets, it is not only possible that you improve on your productivity as an Entrepreneur, it is also very necessary.

I have come to understand through many years of experience as an Entrepreneur and in my various speeches at seminars and conferences that there is only but a little distance your internal energy can take you. And when it reaches that point, you get exhausted. It is at this point or even before then that you need to leverage on the experiences of others to get ahead.

Studies have shown that those who depend so much on their personal experiences to learn do not get much done.

“Your workforce is your most valuable asset.
The knowledge and skills they have represent
 the fuel that drives the engine of business, and
 you can leverage that knowledge.”
Harvey Mackay
Give experts the opportunity to handle jobs you are not good at and might probably make silly mistakes trying to handle. It might cost you a little bit but at the long run, you are still saving more – and producing more. One of the things that make us [Emchis Consulting Team] Entrepreneurs of Excellence is that we are always thinking of how to make and save more money for our clients. Through our Business Ideas and Seminars, many people today who were once jobless are now employers of labour.

When it comes to leveraging on the experiences of others, I am good at that. It is not compulsory I must study Management or Marketing in the University before I can compose a Business plan and or a marketing proposal for my business when websites like www.MarketingProfs.com and www.SellingsSimplified.com  are there to guide me.

“The easiest way to become poor financially is to think
more on how to spend money than how to make money.”
Emenike Emmanuel, MSP
Founder & CEO, Emchis Consulting
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