A call For the Spirit of IBB to Smash PMB's Northern Agenda By Esther Okono

Buhari's Appointment

Exactly this day, thirty (30) years ago on 27th August 1985, Ibrahim Babamosi Babangida led a military coup to dethrone a senile ruler, and autocratic government of General Muhammadu Buhari/ Idiagbon government.

These happened while Idiagbon, the second in command, was away on a trip to Saudi Arabia. Many believed that if he(Idiagbon) was in the country during the time of the coup, it would have been an impossibility; buttressing the point that much credit should be given to Idiagbon for the little trivial of that government rather than this octagonarian despot that took the shine instead.

As we confront this charade and his government, we pray that the spirit of IBB would rose again to supplant this sham called "Chanji" not Change. That IBB spirit shouldn't come back again through physical measures of palace coup nor combat, but this second time around through the possession of people with Jonathanian ideology. It is ambitious, overbearing, but doesn't worth the blood of any. Let it arouse through a revolution and reactionary measures of conservative Jonathanian course; a course that makes way for the minorities and makes them a partaker of the Nigerian Project. A course that wouldn't seek their political attrition nor abhorring, but would have in it's inner interest the complexity of our nation, and make way for less marginalization of people that didn't come from your religion or tribe, and gather other ethnic groups and break the hedge of our tribal lines. A course that is patriotic and democratic.

Political Apologist for minorities and those that suffer the oppression of the Gambarian Born-To-Rule schools of thought