Abia State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal Today - 26th August, 2015

Chief Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, leading the petitioners’ counsels today, presently introducing his team.
Uche Ihediwa Esq, leading the 1st respondent’s counsels today, presently is introducing his team.

Chief Paul Ananaba, SAN, lead counsel for the 2nd respondent (PDP), presently is introducing his team.
S.O Hagla Esq, leading the 3rd respondent’s counsel today, presently introduces his team.

R1 calls on his witness.
1RW20 (Chima Onwunli), swears on Bible, speaks English, from Ugwunagbo LG, identifies/adopts statement

R2: you voted in ward1 PU3?
1RW20: Yes

R2: There was no violence/intimidation of voters
1RW20: Yes

R2: there was no snatching of ballot materials
1RW20: Nothing like that

R2: If someone comes and says there was no election what will you say?
1RW20: The person must be crazy

R3: Can you confirm that INEC brought electoral material?
1RW20: Yes

P: Are you with your PVC here?
1RW20: No

P: But you know you were coming to give evidence as a registered voter
1RW20: Yes

P: How many units in your ward?
1RW20: 7

P: How many villages make up Ur ward? 1RW20: 2

P: what’s the distance btw the two villages? 1RW20: just a stone throw

P: You said electoral materials were brought; can you list the electoral materials that were brought? 1RW20: I can’t list them

P: You said the electoral materials were dully used, what are the materials dully used? 1RW20: PVCs, ballot papers, etc

P: Your evidence is only for your PU 1RW20: Not only my PU

Source: Igbere TV News