Respondents cross examining some petitioners witnesses..
R1: where in umuahia north LGA?
PW17: Orie Ugba
Q: in D market...
PW17: if there is market there, there is house there also.
R1 asks PW17 actual address but the P objects and says for security reasons, PW17 should not disclose his address
R1: you teach in CEO Arochukwu
PW17: I’m a trader, I don’t teach
R1: do you know Mbaitoli street Aba?
PW17: I don’t know the place
Q: you own a school in that street
PW17: I don’t own a sch.
R2: I thank U for U’ve not been giving us problem much
PW17: May God bless U ( the way he says it was so funny)
R2: do your people know you here?
PW17: people may know me
R2: we can say you are educated
PW17: I went to school, I’m not ‘illiterate Jura’
R2: do you know world wide school?
PW17: I don’t
R2: I want to put it to U that U’re lying to this tribunal.
PW17: I’m telling the truth. (the way he says it cracks ppl)
Done with R2. R3 does not have any questions for PW17.
PW17 is so good, funny and intelligent.
PW18 (ACA) takes the box, swears to oath, speaks Igbo, lives in Aba, a teacher, confirms and adopts his statement.
R1: do U know Nwamuo Chigozirim?
PW18: No
Q: Ur deposition is 4 N. Chigozirim
PW18: No
Q: did U say U’re a teacher?
PW18: Yes
R1: where did you work as agent during the election?
PW18: I worked as a ward 8 collation agent in Obingwa
R1: what’s the name of ward 8?
PW18: Akuma-Imo
R1: there are other 20 wards in Obingwa and APGA had agents in them?
PW18: Yes
R1: did you sign form EC8B/EC8A in that election?
PW18: No/ I didn’t see it
R1: APGA had agents in Ovom schools
PW18: Yes
R1: I put it to you that your deposition to us is not true
PW18: it’s true
R2: When was the first day you came to this premises?
PW18: Today
PW18 speaks English, says the interpreter is not giving him good interpretation
R2: do you have your agents appointment letter there now?
PW28: No
Q: you have a vehicle
PW18: Yes
R2: on the election day you have people with you moving around in the vehicle
PW18: Yes
R2: you said they did not allow you to enter a vehicle going to the LG hqts and you had Ur vehicle?
PW18: Yes
R3: were you speaking with your agents in phone?
PW18: Yes
Q: did you record the conversation?
PW18: my phone does not record
R3: who did you petitioned to?
PW18: my party
Q: do you have the letter here?
PW18: No
R3: Are the agents under you dead or alive?
PW18: I don’t know
R3: the day you were writing your petition, were they dead or alive?
PW18: they were alive
R3: does your party know whether the agents are dead or alive?
PW18: that I don’t know
Court going on break now, to reconvene by 2:30PM

Source: Abia Facts Newspaper