Written by Mazi Ben Umeh

This call has become necessary following various challenges being provoked by greedy politicians to bring the Anambra state govt to its knee. God forbid! That cannot happen and I dare say that all masterminders can never succeed 'insha Allah!' like Housa man would say.

Because, the problem is artificial and a handiwork of conspiracy. It's certainly unattainable as a matter... of fact. Lets face it, isn't it condemnable weighing the level of propaganda, insults and malicious attacks which the enemies always spew out targeting at the Chief executive governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano?

This developments is obviously sponsored by a few political desperados who 've chosen to feign blindness and refuse to see anything good about the incumbent govt. This has ought to call for concern as it has largely deteriorated before it gets out of hand.

Ndi Anambra, I want to state it categorically, there's need for us to learn to appreciate God for doing us good. God has blessed Anambra state with a hard working governor, at least in the person of Obiano. That our governor is focused is a true fact that cannot be over emphasized. He 's very busy in administering good leadership to the entire people.

Now! the question is what stops us then from thanking Him since our state is now at peace and making a headway. Obiano is not among those that owe wokers salary yet Anambra is making progress from strenght to strenght.

With exception of frequent attacks on the people of Aguleri by several Kogi towns who collaboratedly wages war against Agulerians for the sake of Anambra oil. It's worthy of note that no other town helps Aguleri to safe guide the Oil installation situated in Aguleri for over a decade now that work began. Is it good?

Umu Anambra, i think what we needs most is improvement and no magical power to make things happen or turn around overnight. That's a way of abracadabra type of governace which is not an ideal thing. God forbid again! I have no option than to say so, due to the fact that we do not want the more you look the less you see type of leadership. Therefore, I enjoin you my people to reason, there 's no way everything can be done at once. It's one after the other, especially now that oil prices is falling like pack of cards. It 'll take a gradual process to get 1, 2, 3 and 4 number of projects completed. That's how a good govt works.

My good people, I 'll hereby ask all of you to reprimand these e-thugs and hired agents, tell them to keep shut their dirty mouth, and stop all forms of unsubstancial allegations against our amiable governor.
I charge them to SAY NO to their pay masters, respect our LEADER if you dream to become one in future.

Come to talk of development, when you compare the roads and various projects done in the last dispensation to the ones our Governor is doing now, example; construction of roads and bridges which's almost ready for comissioning, there're proofs and evidences that Obiano will surpass Peter Obi in terms of achievements.
That's what the people needs without being bias.

Within this shortest time a lot of achievements have taken place in our state without noise making. The facts is obvious and simply but only if you look inwards at your convenient time. Then you'll realize the facts about what i am saying now.

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Chief Peter Obi have tried his best on education sector and road construction with the help of Ngige who started it all. But, when you talk of today Anambra state with Obiano as the governor, of which it takes only but one person to occupy that position at any given time, he is doing a great job.

Having pledged on his 4C's mantra of continuity, commission, construction and completion, the man is on top gear taking Anambra state to the next level. Our governor is focused and very determined, doing several massive projects such as follows:

1] Building of Airport [cargo],
2] building of Shopping malls in Awka, Nnewi and Onitsha,
3] building of 3 mega flyovers to minimize traffic jam in Awka and change the face to Capital city,
4] Contruction of the longest bridge towards Anambra oil rig as discovered in Aguleri soil.
5] construction of various major roads to link all in line with Apga manifesto that 's rooted in Anambra state.
6] Unquantifiable investment on Agricultural developments in the state 7] Rapid growth of Anambra IGR from 600 million to the tune of 1.2 billion.
8] Attraction of numerous foreign investors on Capital developments.
9] Maintanance of Apga leadership as a strong and formidable oppisition party to watch out for in Nigeria.
10] provision of buses with all round maintainance of transportation system and many more, etc.

Umu Anambra, who shall we look up to as a leader of the people? Ojukwu was a revered Igbo leader and our hero whose legacy shall lives on. So it shall be so long as Apga party continue to grow and expand across the country, it 'll happen infact it's working out under the able leadership of Gov. Willie Obiano.

Lets support our governor for better leadership for our entire people. We must not forget that no time is better than now and that's succint to say,
Thank you!

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