Heart Breaking News: Traders Uncover Lifeless Baby Dumped Along School Road in Aba (With Photos)

Lifeless baby dumped at School road in Aba

That's the baby's leg showing up there.

This is heartbreaking and the wickedness of the highest order.

Today, being 28th August, 2015, traders who had converted School Road to their market square notwithstanding several warnings from the Government of Abia State were shocked to their bones to see a lifeless baby dumped by the side of the big gutter at School road by Adazi - just close to the big gate leading into Ahia Ohuru, Aba.

Onlookers at the lifeless baby in Aba

Sympathizers, ranging from children to old people who the Editor of Aba is Good Online Magazine met at the scene of the incident disclosed to us that the baby was thrown very close to the gutter with hope that it rolls down into the flowing stream, but to avoid the odour scaring people away from the market, the lifeless baby was brought out and covered with the empty carton with which the wicked mother had used to transport the baby there.

As a people that feels the pain of others, residents of Aba who witnessed the incident laid all manner of curses on the mother and also to the responsible father if in anyway he denied the pregnancy.

This is not the first time this kind of thing is happening in Aba. However, we advice that girls should be mature enough to handle whatever that comes out of premarital sex before opening their legs for any man to pipe-in their penis

Don't let him fool you with "I love you." Before you allow him have sex with you without protection (that's condom) be sure he's mature enough to handle the outcome of unprotected sex which is likely pregnancy.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

See what the result of few minutes of fun and enjoyment have resulted to. She committed murder, terminated a destiny, endangered her life and that of her generations to come and will end up in the judgement seat of God. Perhaps she did not repent, she will go to hell.