Nigerians react to President Buhari's appointment that excluded the Southeast, Southsouth and Southwest

Obinna Dybia
With Buhari appointing a retired army officer as the comptroller general of custom service,I wouldn't be surprise if he decides to appoint a native doctor as minister of health soon.
James King 
My Next Expectation
Replacement of the Chief of Naval Staff with a fisherman or replacement of Chief of Army staff with a retrd Boys Scout coach.
Don't query me ooo. A precedence has already been set in the Custom Service.
How can you appoint a non-custom carrier officer as a Custom boss?...
Pls somebody should educate me if I am missing anything.

Livingstone Tommy Asogwa I'm still into brain quagmire and always thrown into state of confusion on what we call one Nigeria when one opportuned geopolitical zone tries to over shadow others. We should reorganize our my to make this country work for us.Buhari shuld remember his promises to Nigerians becos if he fails,we can never forgive him.
Esther Okono
Brainlessness of the highest order. Buhari appoints an army man as Comptroller General of Customs

Tolulope Emmanuel Ogunleye Dats wat u get wen u elect a president without ssce result

Femi Bello I expect notin less from d daura born iliterate.

Success Bukunmi what do u want from him.buari is a ex-militr y man.bear thesame f elder fly together.

Anyabuike Kingsley Whether appointment or no appointmemt IGBO's are better off,even if all the appointment goes to the North,it will never end almajiri in the North...  

Felix Orere If d law gives him the power to pick d head of custom from anywhere, why not? l have not read d Custom Act though. but l hold d view dat d insult on Buhari is misplaced. wat we shud look out for, is results. Custom is like NNPC. lt is an organization where junior officers own expensive cars and expensive houses in Asokoro, Ikoyi, VI, Lekki etc.
Our own PH.d holder was there for six years, wat did he do?

Usman Shaibu Ileanwa But when the president was trying to use Fashola, some people said fashola is corrupt, he told Amechi to follow him to US, his people crucify him.the man was trying to package Fayemi ekiti people were complaining. So since Northerners are supporting the president there  

Xino Ohunju if PMB ever lost the trust that Nigerians has in him, this will go a long way in affecting individuals and Nigeria as a whole and no one will ever be trusted again to fix this country, even Jesus would not be trusted if he were to be elected.

Francis Gbenga Silas 
Buhari appointments so far is entrenching regionalism, ethnicity, nepotism and religious bigotry.
Samuel Meyiwa Khalil
Chinedu Nwosu
Federal Republic of Northern Nigeria.
As Buhari Appoints Secretary To The Federal Government, Chief Of Staff, Others.
Northerners, Winner Takes it All.
North 5 South 1
Tinubu is still losing out.
That's a bad precedent in a multi ethnic country like Nigeria.
This is gradually getting very hilarious and exciting.