Pastor Anya Oko speaks on why every Christian must be joined as husband and wife in Church

Pastor Anya Oko and Wife

Pastor Anya Oko, the House Keeper of Royalty Assembly International a.k.a Joseph's Place has recently published on his facebook profile that until one, who is claimed to be a Christian is officially wedded in Church, that person should never presume that he or she is married or both parties living together as husband and wife.

Read his mind here;

"Christian marriage is meant to be solemnized by the church and not just by the tradition or the court. That means believers are not supposed to be living as husband and wife until the church says they can. We are not traditionalists or secularists. The culture may be the authority for the former while the court could be it for the later. We belong to the body of Christ and until that body confirms us married, we are not. Of course, we should satisfy both the cultural and legal expectations of society on our relationship but God and the church must have the final say in our lives."

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