Tears From The Heart – Romantic but educating short story (Episode 5)

Written by: Genny Nazy Okoli

Continued from Episode 4

The night with Amanda was a memorable one, even though she played tough but later succumbed to Kelvin’s sweet words. Kelvin couldn't give her a chance, rather utilized the little opportunity to romantically made love to her that night. Amanda gave him the most unusual experience of his life that night. Though it was a sweet one, but the thought of Amanda kept running through his mind all the day at the office. Meanwhile, the guilty conscience of how he treated Sylvia never stopped hurting him.

“I think Emeka was right; Sylvia doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, how will I face her now? What about Amanda? What will I do now?” Kelvin kept questioning himself.

Kelvin felt the need to call Sylvia immediately, so he took his phone and sent her a text which she replied back asking him to come over to her house but unfortunately, the journey was cut short halfway when Amanda met him. Amanda who was sounding cold and demanded that she want to have an urgent talk with him. Kelvin was left with no other option than to give Amanda a listening ear.

“My dear, I have an emergence call which requires urgent attention.  Please make this snappy.” Kelvin pleaded with Amanda.

Amanda said; “I want to ask you something, but I don't know how you will feel about it. Please what’s the relationship between you and I? Who are mine to you?”

“Huh?” Kelvin said, as he stood speechless for some minutes.

To be continued in Episode 6