Tears From The Heart - Romantic but educating story (Episode 4)

Genny Nazy Okoli, Aba is Good Online Magazine lady of the Week

 By Genny Nazy Okoli
A continuation of episode 3
After their outing that day, Kelvin drove with happiness all over him for the new catch, but the thought of Sylvia kept hurting him even though he decisively waved it off.
As soon as he got home, he called Amanda. According to him; “the phone conversation was so sweet and romantic.” In their conversations which were more like two angels talking to each other, he persuaded Amanda to come over and prepare some delicious delicacies for him which she agreed. Kelvin was already feeling excited like he won a lottery when sleep came knocking.  
The next morning, Kelvin excitedly woke up very early to do some house chores in order to keep his house inviting and romantic enough for his new catch. And at exactly 1:15 pm, a knock was heard at the door; lo and behold it was Amanda, the long awaited damsel. She was looking extremely super hot, beautiful and sexy that Kelvin did not know when the shape of his trouser changed. He felt like grabbing her at once to express his feelings but he decided to play it maturely by first welcoming her.
He gently hugged her and said; “you are welcome dear, I actually thought you were joking when you agreed to come and cook for me, but all the same, I am happy you are here.”Well, it’s no big deal, but I can turn around and go if you don’t want me, she replied him.
“No no no….. Not at all please, I want you around me” Kelvin said.
Amanda had a little rest before she proceeded to the market to buy food stuffs with which she will prepare for him his favourite soup while Kelvin continued with the wrestling he was watching.
Few minutes later, she was back and headed immediately to the kitchen.
Suddenly, a knock was heard at the door. Come in Kelvin said.
The door opened and behold, it was Sylvia with angry and frustration written all over her face. Meanwhile, Kelvin was not in the mood to look at her face but rather lashed at her with a hard voice; “what are you doing here?”
This question made Sylvia more surprise as she was probably hoping to see a begging Kelvin but rather saw the opposite. However, she gently replied; “I heard you came around to look for me but I was not at home, so I said let me check on you; any problem with that?”
“Not at all, I only wanted to know how you are fairing and also to apologize over my nasty behaviour before”, Kelvin said pretending.
“Hmmmmmmmmm….. I can perceive some great aroma here. Are you the one cooking this? This is unlike you” she said. And immediately, she moved to the kitchen only to receive another shock of her life. Meanwhile, it was already too late to react so Kelvin made up his mind to let the worst happen.
“Oooh! You’ve got a new girlfriend? Stupid me” She said and hit her forehead with both hands. She looked Kelvin in the eye and said; “you are nothing but a dog. I think I know what to do.” And she banged the door and left.
How Sylvia felt and her reactions meant nothing to Kelvin as his thought now was majorly focused on how to make his new catch feel better and comfortable.
It took him few minutes to make his way to the kitchen to apologize to Amanda. He held Amanda from the back, romantically kissed her cheek and said; “I am very sorry for what happened.”
She turned around and said; “That is nothing. I didn’t even notice any drama.”
“Hmmmm… I pray I know what I am doing” Kelvin soliloquized.
To be continued in episode 5

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Genny okoli is an Undergraduate of Environmental Science and Resource Management at National Open University of Nigeria, Abagana, Anambra State. She is the ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE LADY OF THE WEEK. She loves dancing and reading.

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