By Emenike Emmanuel
Any business without its related challenges is not worth venturing into. It is more like a get-rich-quick scheme which to responsible Entrepreneurs like us sounds too good to be true. In fact, if anyone tells you that any profitable business especially the one we are discussing here has no challenge, don’t believe it. I will even suggest you leave that page and use your time for something more reasonable.

Having written several Business Plans for clients and dished out valuable advices to members of my Network on how to run successful businesses, including Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business, I think I am in a better position to show you various challenges you must work hard enough to guard against if you want to succeed in your Dry Cleaning and laundry Business.

As much as these challenges of running a successful Dry Cleaning Business are written using Nigeria as a Case Study, it could still be valuable to entrepreneurs from other countries of world, especially African countries.

Before we dive straight into discussing these challenges, let me quickly also remind you that these challenges are somewhat relative. That is to say, “what might be a challenge to me might not be a challenge to you.” So, you will have to bear with me, or do me a favour by reading through each of the 7 point-challenges. Who knows, as you read it, you might be opened up to another innovative way of minimizing some other business or career challenges.

Remember, the best way to approach these challenges is to re-imagine it. Think of how “fast followers” dealt with similar issues like Dr Strive Masiyiwa adivised.
One of the means to overcoming business
challenges is to consult business consultants
who have robust experience in the industry.”
Tony Ajaero Martins

Now, let’s quickly outline these challenges and as well proffer solutions to them. 
1. Poor Electrical Power Supply
So far, despite the promises of the Federal Government to stabilize power supply in Nigeria, there is high level of poor electricity power supply across the country. Greater percentage of businesses closing down today in Nigeria is as a result of poor or completely no power supply. There are areas in Aba, Abia State for instance that have never had a flash of light since the last two years. How do anyone expect a business in that area to thrive by depending on fuel alone which is also very costly.

This is a great challenge you must first seek solution to before venturing into your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business. Ask yourself; to what extent can I cope if there is no power supply? What is the power supply in my area like and do I have an alternative method to tackle this challenge? 

2. How Accessible is water in my area?
Yes. Water is a kingpin to your success or failure as a Dry Cleaner. Do not dare start up any Dry Cleaning and laundry Service in an area where there is no access to clean water.
Seeing that you have competitors everywhere, your customers might not tolerate your decision to inflate the price just because there is no access to clean water in the area you located your business. Of course nobody wants to spend more on something that has an alternative.
“It is moronic to be too proud to save money.”
Donald Trump
While carrying out your Feasibility Study, visit the area you want to site your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business to know how close it is to water supply and how clean the water in that area is. Do not make the mistake of using hard water to wash; otherwise you might be spending more on cost of production which will ultimately be inimical to your success in the business.

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As much as you can, go for clean water because it will effectively aid you in giving your customers’ cloths thorough and professional touch. 

3.     Getting Clients
Nothing seems more frustrating like setting up a business and no one cares to know what you do talk more of patronizing you. 

Most Entrepreneurs who thought that running a successful enterprise ends at having a good business location, and with sophisticated equipment and expertise have now realized that it is much more than this, because even with their good looking office, no one cares to patronize them.

To become successful in your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business, you must map out strategies with which you can pitch your clients and attract them to your business.
We have got several platforms and opportunities ready to be maximized in sourcing for Clients. Some of the techniques for sourcing for clients include;

§  Word of Mouth: Talk to friends, family members and colleagues about what you do. They will love to encourage you. Most times it is the quickest and easiest way of sourcing for clients as a Starter.

§  Print quality fliers and drop them at Hotels, Banks, NEPA offices, Churches etc [I will suggest you meet Prestige Press if you are in Aba, Abia State or anywhere within the Southeast and South-South part of Nigeria. Prestige Press is located at 22 Park Road Aba, Abia State] 

§  Print flex banners and hang them at junctions where they will be visible to all passing by. Remember, quality speaks reflectively on your business.
Signpost is a form of branding that sends signal
to your clients about the kind of business you do.
They begin to judge you from there. So don’t make repulsive.”
Emenike Emmanuel
CEO, Emchis Consulting

§  Utilize the services of social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Istagram, Whatsapp, Badoo etc) and Blogs

§  Create a page for it on facebook and ask friends to like it even as you share pictures of your services and competitive advantages you have with them. Tell them why you are the best. It is called Unique Selling Point.

To be continued…

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