Update: Abia Guber Tribunal - Alex Otti Against Okezie Ikpeazu

As usual, a roll call of lawyers present was made, with Chief Akin Olujimi (SAN) leading the petitioners counsels, Chief levy Uzoukwu leading INEC counsels (Respondent 3), Chief Paul Ananaba (SAN) leading PDP counsels(Respondent 2) and Emeka Etiaba (SAN) leading the counsels for Okezie Ikpeazu (Respondent 1).
The matter started with the petitioners presenting PW 4 (please for security purpose all the witness names will now be withheld), he speaks Igbo, a business man and from Osisioma LGA. The 3 respondents did all they can to puncture PW 4, but he maintained no election held in his ward.

PW 5 was now presented by the petitioners, he speaks English, from Isiala Ngwa North LGA and was the APGA ward agent for Umunna Nsulu Ward 2. All the respondents took turns in drilling the witness, but as usual he maintained no election held in his ward because their was no election result sheet.

After all attempt by the respondents to disfigure the testimony of PW 5 which failed, lawyer to the petitioner Chief Akin Olujimi (SAN) joined the queue to examine PW 5.

And he asked:

Q. What is the function you did not perform as a ward agent?
PW 5 : I didn't sign result because their was no result sheet.

The respondents tried to stop that line of questioning, but the judge overruled and asked Chief Akin Olujimi to continue. Chief Akin Olujimi was able to establish the fact that election did not hold in ward 2 Umunna Nsulu in Isiala Ngwa North LGA.

Immediately after Chief Akin Olujimi established the above fact, the respondents made an unfruitful attempt by applying for them to re examine PW 5 and the judge overruled them again.
PW 6 and 7 was now presented respectively and both still maintained that election never held. PW 6 was also a contestant for House of Assembly.

Before the end of session, Chief Akin Olujimi raised the issue of INEC not complying to the tribunal order again, the SAN told the court that APGA team requested for Osisioma LGA election materials and INEC brought Aba North.

The tribunal was then adjourned to today 12th August, 2015

Source: Abia Facts Newspaper