Reagan Ufomba

Written by Reagan Ufomba
I have found time to dwell on this topic which will run for one month on this page due to frequent failures of marriages and in the interest of those about to crash.

It is common practice for people to make all forms of allusions as to why marriages fail frequently these days.

Such nauseating reasons range from lies, hate, infidelity, battering, infertility to spiritual problems.
But are these all there are to a failed marriage?

If our answers are in the negative, what then are real reasons why marriages storm, quake and in most cases, crash?

I have been married for twenty years without a quarrel or a fight. As a student of Peace and Conflict Resolution, a Global Negotiator and one who has enjoyed a rancor-free relationship, I consider myself both lucky and best suited to deal with this topic.

The essence is to turn your lives around and rekindle the love and romantic relationship that once characterized your marital union.

We shall attempt to remove the bitter part of your honey, the unsweet part of your sweetheart, and the D that has seized to be a Darling but now the Devil. May your sugar pie become a bread pie in content and size.

In part 2 we shall be looking at the role or lack of it Freedom, Commitment and Communication play in marriages.
Keep your hopes alive !!!

Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba was the APGA Gubernatorial aspirant during the 2011 general election