Buhari Fires Marilyn Ogar, Former DSS Spokesperson

 In the heat of the August 9 Osun State governorship election, won by the All Progressives Congress, APC, Ms. Marilyn Ogar alleged links between the party and bomb attacks, and narrated how SSS officials rebuffed N14million offered as bribe by an unnamed party – although her description fit the APC.

Marilyn Ogar

It is now clear and longer something to pretend about that President Buhari, Nigerian President is on a second missionary journey of revenge. He has on various occasions retaliated on each of his critics and those who had a sought of bias mind about him.

While some are rejoicing and celebrating the emergence of President Buhari, many are also crying in the Southwest, Southeast and South-south. It is either your own person was fired, retired or denied appointment. 

To pay Marilyn Ogar, the former DSS Spokesperson back in what the Presidency could describe to be in her own coin, she was a sort of demoted and transferred to the hottest zone in Nigeria and Boko Haram's headquarters, probably so that she will be killed there but when he saw that she survived it, he has now fired her.

Although they pinned her down with an accusation of collecting bribe from the previous administration, and that she was political in her responsibility, the truth cannot be hidden that Buhari will stop at nothing in sweeping off every trace of Goodluck Jonathan and people of his geo-political zone - people like Marilyn Ogar included.

Here is the full reason why Marilyn Ogar was sacked today... Forget the accusations built up by DSS.

“A director in charge of election duties (security) was offered N4 million for himself and N10 million,” Ms. Ogar, a deputy director in the service, said at a news conference. “It is because the money was declined, that is why the certain political party is having a running battle with the DSS.”
She added, “Thank God the APC won the election; its loss could have been blamed on the DSS”, using the service’s alternate name.