Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

Abia State Polytechnic, Aba that began many years ago is on the verge of collapse; not because the foundations of the buildings are shaking but because a beast, like a bandit called CORRUPTION has continued to attack her without anyone raising a standard against it.
A centre known for excellence in technology has suddenly lost her dignity to a rapist called CORRUPTION. What more has corruption not done to Abia State polytechnic when her graduates are completely half-baked, they rarely get absorbed in the labour market and as a result, most of them find their ways to Ariaria International Market, Cemetery Market, New Market (Ahia Ohuru) and Ekeoha Shopping centre. Some tour the route of trying to make it by all means while in school like the 2013/2014 SUG President, who bought a car and got married before graduating with the proceeds of his office.

Due to high level of emphasis on certificate at the expense of skills and life-long learning, most students of Abia State Polytechnic just like their counterparts in other tertiary institutions have also chosen to pass their examinations at all cost, not considering hard work and diligence as a prerequisite for excellence; hence, corruption, dressed in various regalia like ‘sorting’ (that is, paying the lecturer in order to pass a course – awarding of scores for cash in return) and demand for sex (especially by the male lecturers and technologists) crept in.

From the purchase of the Abia State Polytechnic entry form, popularly known as Abia Poly Form to the screening at Book House, known as BKH and even down to clearance for graduating students at the Admin block, Engineering block (for financial clearance) and the Student Affairs building, various sizes of corrupt practices have been amplified, with the HODs claiming to know nothing about them. One thing most disgusting like we learnt is that some of the Heads of Department are involved in these things. How can Nigeria be sanitized of corruption when the breeding ground for next generational leaders is corrupt? This is one question very difficult to unravel.

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Few of the lecturers who hold honesty and integrity to high esteem are often considered to be stingy and always wanting students to fail. But those of them who are ready to help you part with good scores as long as you can give them sex in return (for ladies) and handshake of N5,000 are often regarded as good lecturers.

Cases depicting a dint of corruption that ought to be shunned are now being swept under the carpet. It has now turned to be a tribal affair. An Ngwa man in a place of authority will not let one of his clan who was caught promoting indecent attitude to be punished. An Ohafia student who goes contrary to the security rules will not be punished because one of his clans is the Chief Security Officer of the School. 

As the Student Union Government election of Abia State polytechnic, Aba approaches, rumours are been heard of the CSO of the School trying to disqualify some of the aspirants because they don’t hail from Ohafia. Same thing happens in some other areas.
When cases of examination malpractices against a student or molestation of a female student by a lecturer is brought to the Student Judicial Council, corruption manifests itself through the “Oga At The Top”, who either cancels further court sitting or considers the accused too connected to be disgracefully forced out of school.

If there’s no skeleton in the cupboard of this great institution why must students wait for a whole year before the results of every semester will be published? Other schools publish student’s results two weeks or a maximum of one month after examination. What stops Abia State Polytechnic, Aba from doing the same thing? What stops lecturers of the polytechnic from demanding decent dressing from the female students who do nothing but seduce them to gain more scores? Despite all attempts made by the school authority to stop indecent dressing within the school premises, many young girls still come to the school dressed like they are going for a sex tour. I wonder what course some of these girls discuss with those lecturers in closed-door offices if not to negotiate the hotel room, its number and what the girl should bring for them while coming. Are they no agent of darkness of a lady in that institution to teach some of these sex-demanding lecturers some lessons? Can’t someone set them up?
This psychological beast called ‘corruption’ must be dealt with if Abia State Polytechnic, Aba will survive.

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According the research conducted by ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE, the most popular online media organization with headquarters in Aba, some of the major causes of amplified corruption in Abia State Polytechnic, Aba are; negative mental attitude, poverty mentality, quest for instant gratification, impatience, envy for excellence, lack of value for hard work and honesty, and non-payment of salaries as at when due.

Eliminating corruption from Abia State Polytechnic, Aba might not be easy but it is possible. Just like “charity begins at home”, so shall the movement of snuffing life out of corruption in this citadel of learning begin from among them. We on the outside world cannot help them totally eradicate corruption within the Polytechnic beyond the limit they could help themselves, except that we will continue to spell out all the ill things bedeviling associations and institutions within Aba and its environs, hoping that one day they will turn a new leaf.
Parents must re-teach their children on the dignity of labour, quest for excellence, patience and greater emphasis made on skills and learning more than it is made on certificate. Lecturers must be fair enough to credit hard working students with good grades without asking for any sort of favour in return. Most importantly, lecturers should shun everyone, including their colleagues who may want them to help their failing friends and lovers to pass in an examination they knew they ought to have failed. 

In conclusion, ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE is of the opinion that if corruption must be dealt with, an independent body should be set up to oversee cases of corruption in Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, and if anyone (whether a student, non-academic staff, or a lecturer) is found guilty of corruption, let the person be punished severely. The person will serve as a deterrent to others that corruption is an enemy of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba and Aba city as a whole.