Discover Aba – Enyimba City and the Japan of Africa

Okpu-Umuoba Road, Off Aba-Owerri Road

Business consciousnesses, great tendency to make extra income through hustling, authentic Igbo hospitality and a great approach to growing one’s spiritual life are the visions that resonate in the minds of many who think of Aba, Enyimba City. Located within the dimensions of Imo State (in the west), Rivers State (in the south), Akwa-Ibom State (in the east) and Ebonyi State and some part of Cross River (in the north), Abia State, popularly known as “God’s Own State” has Aba as its commercial nerve centre.

Aba may not have made a name for herself in the area of entertainment like Owerri and Port Hartcourt Cities, but one thing that is unarguable and that has given Aba City an edge over other cities in Southeast Nigeria is the enterprising spirit of the residents. This enterprising, otherwise known as entrepreneurial spirit of Aba residents have led them into manufacturing commodities and machinery that can favourably compete with foreign ones. Today, Aba has become home for fashion and leather work manufacturing in Nigeria and across the world. In 2014, Aba exported over one million pairs of shoes to foreign lands.

Aba Mega Mall

Although Aba is not the capital city of Abia State, it has remained the commercial nerve centre of the State. Greater percentage of the internally generated revenue used in running the State is generated in Aba. This is why Aba must not be left behind in the scheme of development of the State. 

When you talk about business in Abia State, where quickly comes to mind is Aba. Aba consists of two Local Government Areas – Aba North and Aba South LGAs. However, due to development and expansion of the city, some part of Osisioma, Obingwa and Ugwunagbor Local Government Areas have now become part of Aba such that if you aren’t careful, you will think that those areas are parts of Aba.

Enyimba City (the nickname of Aba) has an estimated population of One Million Two Hundred and Seventy Seven Thousand Three Hundred people (1,277,300) and an ethnicity area of approximately 18/km2 according to the 2014 estimate published in wikipedia. Despite the rise in urban development that literarily pushed the land owners, that is the Ngwa People away from the commercial city; some parts of Aba are still adorned by the jewels of Mother Nature – thick forest (like People’s road, Emelogu, Port Harcourt road etc.), low undulating hills (in Ogbor Hill) and awesome wildlife can still be seen within Aba. The Aba River which divides Aba into two is a great investment deport that can be maximized for optimum benefit to the State.

Luxury City Hotel, Aba
Aba residents are predominantly Christians with lots of Churches and Prayer houses scattered across the length and breadth of the city (even within class room blocks), but still have accommodating heart for other religions, especially the Islamic religion. As a result of their openness and a heart without prejudice, the central part of Aba was sold out to the Muslim brothers where their Mosque is built till today. This Muslim area in Aba is called “Ama Awusa”, meaning; region for Hausa people.

As we did mention earlier about the enterprising spirit of Aba residents, it is impossible to live in Aba without having one kind of business you do. Recently, Aba is Good Online Magazine discovered that you don’t necessarily need to show an Aba brought up, popularly nicknamed as “Nwa Aba” what business to do, but how to do it well with the 20/80 Principle (that is, 20 percent effort, 80 percent profit). By this we mean that doing business runs in the vein of every Aba residents.

As a reputable Media body in Aba, dedicated to restoring the dignity of Aba and also poised to creating platforms for investors to meet with our local producers, we invite you to explore Aba, Enyimba City and the Japan of Africa. We look forward to seeing Aba become the industrial hub of Nigeria.