Emenike Emmanuel

Written by Emenike Emmanuel

Every challenge that came to you is there because you can handle it. Inside you are all it takes to confront and surmount those standing mountains of challenges. One of the things I want to achieve in this magazine is to make you see yourself as one who is at an advantage to face and overcome obstacles. Of course, you should have known that challenges are food for champions. Do not excuse yourself from achieving the greatness you are designed for just because of the negativisms posed against you by nature and people. 

Do not let the devil trick you into believing that your nativity is the reason for your social status. Life will not reward you with greatness because of where you came from, but because of your ability to maximize challenges by turning them into opportunities for greatness. Never give in nor give up on your in-built potentials no matter the gravity of the challenges rocking waves on your mind. Your potentials are natural license from God that will enlist you for greatness. Therefore, no matter what happens, do not give it up. It can offer you more than your certificate can. 

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You are too great to live the low life. Design a spring for yourself; bounce on it to bounce back to life. Talk yourself up by speaking the positive. With your mouth you can give direction to the thoughts in your mind. Keep speaking the positive words to yourself until it becomes a consciousness within you. And when it does, success becomes natural to you. Do not let the voice of greatness within you be strangled by the devastating voices showing you seemingly impressive reasons why you won’t make it in life. Nothing has the power to keep a man down who has the yeast in him to rise.

Every day comes with its unique challenges. These challenges are what champions turn into opportunities for greatness. May I sound it clear enough here that no valuable opportunity comes dressed in the apparel of gold. It comes wrapped with challenges, and the heavier the challenge, the better the opportunities therein.  

In turning your challenges into amazing opportunity for greatness your day-to-day actions must be meticulously planned and wondrously executed. The actions you take will take you a step closer to your dreams or several steps away from it.

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To achieve more success in life, make a list of the things you want to achieve every day a night before the day breaks. Constructively chart your course. Criticize your plans and be sure you have not included things that will make you regret afterwards. Take a good look at these plans, again and again and ask yourself;

1)     What do I intend to achieve doing these things?
2)     Who is influencing my decision to tour this route?
3)     How much will these plans make for me?
4)     What will I lose if I do not follow these plans?
5)     And will these plans (that is, my to-do-lists) take me any step closer to God and my dream?

These self-asked questions I recommend that you ask are not deliberate attempts to make you look self centred, but if the truth be told, the best of creative decisions are those ones made by first considering how it affects you  and secondly how it affects the world. Otherwise, you are bound to hit regret. Remember, the pain of regret has always been the most painful of all.
From today henceforth, I invite you to embrace challenges; creatively think in details about them and you will be amazed how they will meticulously transform into opportunities for greatness.

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