Journalist Simon Ateba Responds to National Issue

Simon Ateba

I have been quiet for sometime, completing my book, "Four Days In Hell", and trying to remember all the details I needed to remember from that trip. But from afar, I am just wondering what APC will gain by removing Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Will that increase Naira? Will that bring down the high cost of food stuff in the market? Will that bring a less corrupt national assembly? Will that bring more robust laws? Will that end Boko Haram or bring back the 50,000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon who desperately need help? Will that give a meal a day to students as promised during the campaign? Will that bring down the atrocious unemployment level in Africa's richest country with the highest number of poor people on the continent? Will that reduce violence against Nigerian kids who said the other day in Abuja that actions not words will show how committed this government is? 

As the economy collapses and banks and other companies sack workers even as newspapers crash letting journalists go away without salaries for months, beyond the excitement of chasing feckless and less charismatic Jonathan from power, and the hope that a stronger man and former military ruler will fix things back, I am just beginning to wonder if Nigeria has the right messiah or should expect another one. 

The whole crisis in APC seven months after winning an election, is a sad reminder of what Edwardo Cue, the American journalist in France, has been saying over and over. Politicians, no matter their promises, want only two things, gain power or remain in power, the rest is balderdash, yes it is, even when a former dictator says he's now born again or former corrupt associates claim they now want to fight corruption.