Governor Okorocha giving out car gifts to Magistrates
By Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones

While Imo civil servants, pensioners, Youth Must Work volunteers, Imo Civil Guard corps, contractors, past appointees and several other Imolites and non Imolites whose monies are being unjustly held by the Imo State government, gnash their teeth in pains, the Governor of the State has gone ahead to procure State of the Art cars for magistrates in the State with a promise to look into all the problems that may be confronting the judiciary in the nearest future. Present at the presentation ceremony are Justice Paschal Nnadi, Chief Judge of Imo State, Chief Uche Nwosu, son-in-law to the Governor and Chief of Staff to the Imo State Government.

Some Civil servants and Imolites spoken to expressed bitterness with the Governor for treating them like pieces of rag. They wondered how a Governor who blames economic crunch for his inability to meet up with his responsibilities to the people of the State, would go ahead to squander millions of Naira of public fund to acquire vehicles for a class of public servants whose emoluments are more than enough to give them cars if they desire them.

Cars to be given to Magistrates in Imo State

It may be important to remind the Governor that while magistrates are under the employ of the State Government, they belong to an independent arm of government and are supposed to be seen as incorruptible. Some people may conclude that the Governor's car gifts to them is a gratification or in more blunt word, bribery, especially now that the Governor is facing several legal challenges. The Governor's men may argue that the most important case that the Governor has before the courts is the one in which Emeka Ihedioha challenges his electoral victory, and that magistrates neither sits on Election Tribunals nor Appeal or Supreme Court. Such defense may not be enough to convince many people, because the Tribunal case is not actually the only case the Governor will have to contend with in the next four years of his administration.

Imolites amd non-Imolites will appreciate a situation where these magistrates are not and are not seen as the Governor's stooges, because there will definitely be lots of cases to be instituted against the government in the nearest future, considering the level of alleged illegality and impunity going on in the government.
Whatever the true situation is, I can only remind the Magistrates of a legal Maxim; FIAT JUSTITIA RUAT CAELUM, meaning that Justice must be done, no matter whose ox is gored.