My Advice To Biafran Youths By Matthew Mbanaja

Matthew Mbanaja

You can afford to jump up and down and sing war songs because you don’t know what we went through for 30 months, if you know 10% of what we went through, you will embrace dialogue in pursuit of freedom as we are doing in Bilie human rights initiative. Uncoordinated war will do the remnants of Biafra no good because we are dealing with a foe ready for our outright annihilation, so fellow Biafrans, don’t give them that chance, be wiser... It is suicidal to fight an unprepared war in this 21st century, Nnamdi Kanu will hide behind the microphone somewhere in UK and urge you to go to war, is this not madness? Don’t foolishly succumb to this call that will shade more of our precious bloods, we shall achieve Biafra under the armpit of the law.

Be @ Federal High Court, P.H Road Owerri, Imo State on 22nd of September to see Biafran lawyers like Emeka Adolf Emekesri, Debe Odumegwu Ojukwu, O.O.Uwazie, Ibe Nwachukwunta, Chijioke Emenalo etc argue it out With Nigerian Lawyers. Very peaceful and internationally acceptable road to self determination using the United Nation’s instrument on the right of indigenous people..

The Declaration sets out the individual and collective rights of indigenous peoples, as well as their rights to culture, identity, language, employment, health, education and other issues. It also "emphasizes the rights of indigenous peoples to maintain and strengthen their own institutions, cultures and traditions, and to pursue their development in keeping with their own needs and aspirations". It "prohibits discrimination against indigenous peoples", and it "promotes their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them and their right to remain distinct and to pursue their own visions of economic and social development”. One of the rights being sought for is the right to self determination. The goal of the Declaration is to encourage countries to work alongside indigenous peoples to solve global issues, like development, multicultural democracy and decentralization and self determination.

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