Now on Sale! OHANGWA MIRROR - A Magazine with focus on Ngwa land, her people and lifestyle

Ada Oha Ngwa Development Foundation has just released her maiden Magazine titled; OHANGWA MIRROR.

The Editor of ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE was the Assistant editor of this magazine, and because of his passion for Aba, he took it upon himself to gather and process information for the success of the magazine.

Some of the articles contained in this magazine are;

  1.  New Beginning For Ngwa People
  2.  Make Effort For Change
  3. Plan Your Way
  4. The Chosen One: Profile of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu
  5. Discover Ngwaland - Everything You Need To Know About Ngwaland, Her People And Lifestyle
  6. Fashion & Beauty: A Statement Of Fragrance
  7. Unleashing Your Greatness: How To Turn Your Challenges Into An Amazing Opportunity For Greatness
  8. Know Things That Will Make Impact In You As Life Goes On
  9. How To Make It In Your Marriage
  10. From Rags To Riches: An Amazing Story That Will Change Your Life
  11. Eat Well And Look Well

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