Open Letter to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu From Eze Solomon Nwoko as the Governor Travels to U.S

This week Dr Okezie Ikpeazu the interim governor of Abia State will go to the United States of America for the first time in his life. Just like Eze goes to school in the old books was excited the first time he went to school, I can also imagine the excitement of Okezie Ikpeazu as he embarks on the journey to United States.

But sir, as you go to this great country where the government is of the people by the people and for the people, I want you to carry your conscience bag along.

In your quiet moments in that beautiful country, ruminate on the process that brought you to power against the peoples' wish. 

When you see those beautiful clean streets think about the time you were ASEPA Director and now Abia Governor and how dirty the state looks under your watch. 

In that country you are going remember that everything is done by merit and there is no room for godfathers.
In that country that you are going also know that the government puts the people first and that public office holding is a way of service and not an avenue to enrich oneself and his cronies. In that country you are going workers are not owed a dime and every taxpayers money is used to work for the people and not for a jamboree and a governor in America cannot embark on such an expensive trip except it is highly beneficial to the state and the people which I doubt is the case in this your trip.

I also want to remind you that all those good roads that you will see were awarded through a rigorous process where due process was followed before the best company was selected.
In that country you are going, the governors do not share money with their predecessors instead they donate to the poor and needy…. In that country they do not use coffins and machetes to intimidate voters just as you did to us in Abia State.

There is no comparison to the US where you are going to Abia state where you are governing, not because we don’t have the means but because we have people in government who are wicked and selfish and wants to stuff all the public money in their pocket instead of using it for the benefit of the people.

But Dr Ikpeazu, one good thing the US and Abia will have in common this time is Justice!
Yes justice as a hallmark in America will come to Abia State at the tribunals where APGA will regain their mandate.

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