OPINIONS: Abians React to the Eviction of Journalists from Abia State Government House by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu

Godwin Adindu

Abians across the world have recently sent in their displeasure over what some of them referred to as a "mini-god" attitude recently exhibited by Mr Godwin Adindu, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Some are of the opinion that he was right, while others are of the opinion that his actions were unfair considering the economic condition of the State and the Nation at large. However, Mr Godwin Adindu still believes that he is doing that in the best interest of the Governor.

Here are their opinions:

  • Steve Koso I think is the right time for all abians to rise up and speak against all the evil and wicked pdp lead government
    Emenike Emenike C Power corruption!
  • Emmanuel Onwuka Acha I always resist the temptation of commenting on this platform, but this touches what I know too well. I wonder what this article seeks to achieve. I want to put the record straight that no journalist with the print media in Abia is a Government House correspondent.
    Journalists are deployed to cover the entire state. The Government House may just be one of their insignificant beats but due to the penchant of the press men to curry favour from the government of the day, they decide to personalize Government House press center to the detriment of the societal issues that are meant to report. 

    Is it not ridiculous that some of our journalists in Abia state spend the entire day at the Government House in Umuahia? 
    I challenge the writer of this article to visit Enugu State Government House and only then would he know that what obtains in Abia state is an aberration.
    I have never met the Chief Press Secretary to Abia Governor, but whatever may have informed his decision to toe that path needs to be applauded. If he has decided to put things right just as it obtains in states like Enugu, no one should blame him.
    Our press men in Umuahia need to be more resourceful and not be willing tools in the hands of politicians.
    Who says journalists can’t survive outside the Government House?

  • Kanu Morgan Journalists who cover & bring govt's activities & programmes to public domain go with d media appellation 'state house correspondents' & they do not stay in Ariaria market.

  • Emmanuel O. Alukaogu Dictatorship in power, sometimes I do wonder if during the military era is better than this our ceremonial democracy in Nigeria, politicians are now looting and keeping secrets more than the military.

  • Stanley Onwuha A F N, you are being one sided,and antagonistic,demonstrating your full hatrade on this administration.your post this morning undoubtedly is incisive and a call to others to join you to pepertrate what to me is unpatroitic .Please try to add value to this state by suggesting the way foward and make meaningful contributions that will better the lives of Abians.

  • Chukwubuikem Okoye My comfort has been taking away!! My access to the Government house has been taking away!

    My free rides with the governors convoy has been taken away!!

    Oh my allowance etc and everything I have, have been taken away!!!

  • Rutherford M Jehoshapat Thats the kind of thing a few people want to instill in abia owing to their suport of thieves like Okezuo-igbeozu in power

  • Ngozi Ogbonna-Erondu Onye la odighi nma ya di ya njo ! O ka nma ma obu onye ohuhu no la ochichi . Unu tasie la ke na bu oge ke anyi.
  • John James They are all frudsters and cheats, people with stolen mandate.

  • Alwell Bonnky Chiedozie Kudos 2 CPS. Those journalist are bias and bought overs.

  • Onye Abia They will destroy Ikpeazu just like Ochendo's kinsmen destroyed him.

  • Bernard Benco ikpeazu's regime will likely be worst than that of T.A. oRJI, God help us frm dis ugly situation. We ned change of govt

  • Ojukwu Rolynson Udo Power show.
    What's your opinion on this