Reactions of Abians Over News That Governor Okezie Ikpeazu Met With The Wrong Secretary of State of Maryland

A lot has been said that there was a misplacement of identity of who the entourage of our Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu met with in his visit to the United States of America as the Secretary of State of Maryland. And to this regard, many Abians have come out to comment in favour and against this disposition.

According to the publication made on Abia Facts Newspaper, the person who the Abia State Government projected in error as the Maryland Secretary of State is a lady whereas the main Secretary of State (beginning from January 21, 2015) was a man by name John C. Wobensmith - See link >>

See the person posted by the entourage of Governor Okezie as the Maryland Secretary of State
She's not the Secretary of State of Maryland

Abians took to the facebook page of Abia Facts Newspaper and commented these:

  • Ubandire Matthew The writer of this nonsense called Abia False Newspapers is an imbecile,Bush pig and an imp. He has finished reporting falsehood on election tribunal, he has now started with another one. Your parochialism and nepotism will not help you or change anything. Your hatred for the present Administration will not have anything meaningful to achieve. Your problem is idleness. Look for something meaningful and engage yourself in order to live a better and rewarding life. Time is running out for you and your cohorts.
  • God'swill Ebuka B4 u come here to make utterances, first make investigations. @AFN are right 
    Samuel Anyanwu Haba na,y u de talk lik dis AFN. That woman na personal assistant to the personal assistant to the cook of the real man.hahahaha

    Oga okezie,we will not be surprised if that woman na house agent for America.

  • Simeon Onyeje Abians shine ur eyes. A fool @ 40 is a fool for ever. Let's us not be distracted by d enemies of our common heritage who are bent at enslaving us for their selfish interest.
  • Ifesinachi Ben Igbokwe as Rochas used his visit of Obama to do bill board,maybe he want to use the visit of fake Secretary of State to do his own bill board,this what you see when peoples mandate was stolen,am not surprise,clueless.
  • Bright Emmanuel Some people both Abians and non-Abian wants to kill themselves because of this very goverment led by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. On that note, i urge u to respect the government of our Governor. (Be u a respecter of God and man please) stop this critizisim
  • Mazi Cliff Nnanna Orji Interim government of Obingwa for Obingwa by Obingwa election riggers .... next>>
  • Engr Amaechi Aniche Am even upset that he went with over 40 entourages when workers salaries are not yet paid. How many people did PMB travelled with to US?
  • Emmanuel O. Alukaogu Why is it that lies are deeply buried inside pdp people, they are well known for frauds, lies, killing, embezzlement, etc hmm am tired and sick of this man, waiting for the court verdict.
  • Ugo Stan Anything built on falsehood can never stand the test of time
  • Agnes Odoemene Njoku I keep saying this Ikpeazu is d worst gov so far, he dosen't ve d qualities of a leader,he is confused with no road map for Abia state. Today is construction of road with fake construction firm dat happens to be our worst nightmare in Aba, every day we swim in filthy water, tomorrow is taking youths to Portnorvo to learn agricultural practice, d next is going to US to bring investors, when workers ve not been paid, roads unmotorable, pensioners dying. Ikpeazu is clueless, he can't give what he dosen't have. Brainless mtcheeeeew
  • Rutherford M Jehoshapat As bold as a lion...As white as snow....As gentle as a lamb...As dead as a door nail...As false,treacherous,deceitful,impish,insensitive,primitive,backward,undeveloped as ngwa ngwa man can not do anything witout being false.They belive in it so much.What stops himm frim havin an actual interelationship with the real players like governos in other states are doin?i dont understand what the idiots defending him Are benefiting from him that dey shamelesly uphold his falsehood and stupo in public,the worst being his kinsmen
  • Ochu Ikpo Ochu Do you mean same against those in court for Abia governorship ?
  • Ezeakolam Sammy Nwangwa your comment only has distinguished you as an outstanding fool and irresponsible, useless idiot, keep showing your illiteracy in public, don't even hide it until u bcom a global taut.
  • Mayor C Ohaja you are the most stupid Idiot that will never return your homeland alive by insulting those who survived your fathers
    • Ezeakolam Sammy Nwangwa if u ve ever stayed in ngwa land, drink water from ngwa or eat any food or fruit from ngwa land, kamanu nde ngwa LA ala ngwa nga ibia gi ugwo
  • Charls Ogbonna The person that post this is a coward i dnt blame u'poorverty is a dieses
  • Mayor C Ohaja So this writer they spent money to trained him/her in the school? anyway i could remember what they were doing when we were busy learning in the class rooms Idiots
  • Nathaniel Tunde That's what normally the case when people are voted on the basis of sentiment ignoring better candidate that seek to put the state on the part of peace and prosperity. You have to bear it bro for the next 4 years may be we would have learnt our lesson then. Happy Monday
  • Ikechukwu Kalu Maybe the Assistant Secretary!?!?!?
  • Agnes Odoemene Njoku Am not talking of previous salaries am talking of current salaries, dat is salaries due to workers since okezie became d gov. May, june, july, Aug. We re dying of hunger.
  • Ipcious Mrp Osondu he knows his days are numbered na his last battle be this so he gat to use every mean possible to steal the much he can u know abi u wan see him tomorrow driving pass ur street with his 504
  • Hoke Ramos What is the big deal even if he went to chop money or buy house with Abia state money fine in your next life try to be a governor or vise governor. Orji Kalu have more than 6 buildings in London Ta Orji have 2 houses in India, so i hope Okezie buy Obam...See More
  • Omaka John SORRY 4 U MR MUMU.
  • Ayew Pele Ayew Pele Oboy tell dat ur governor to pay workers salary and stop making unnecessary noise.
  • Hoke Ramos Let them go and collect there salary from Ta and let the man be, no one will say he have not pay expect alex cannibals
  • Ikechukwu Nneka Sandra ikpeazu will only decieve his supporters nt Abians
    Fortune Akinyele ikpeazu wat a shame. I can't wait till october, for this nonsence to stop
    Ezeakolam Sammy Nwangwa u ll start digging you grave nw bcos he ll complete his tenure as governor, give time for a man's downfall and God will give you til 2moro to fall. crazy things. 
    Kelvin Osaro Of what value we these people impact in life abian, wasting abia state money on cost of going to aboard.
  • King Zeal Abarakatabaa.
  • Diamond Sandra U guys should have noticed by now that without gov okezie on the headlines of Abia fact and eze Solomon time line nothing nothing for them. Thank God for Ovi for making them a bit relevant on social media.
  • Michael Nwabueze Please AFN, continue with this truth. Don't look at all those idiots criticizing your good works.
  • IamChukwu Anyim John This people will not to amaze me. They will use every opportunity they have to show how clueless they are, TUFIAKWA
  • Chigozie L. A Uwaoma AFN a renowned false social media page.
  • Rotr David Peter Lols . kanu Morgan abi ! This is a show of shame. Shame to him. Shame shame shame!
  • Ikechukwu Nzeribe Abia have entered into one chance!
  • Larry Okechukwu Mazi Do We Ask GOOGLE?, In Fact Let Me Ask Google Before l Comment.
  • God'swill Ebuka I just confirmed it. Every bit of this story is true
  • Emmanuel Eni Anya that is the pure truth view his profile here
  • Chinanu Ogbunamiri I wonder if we are still on a campaign thrail or something because l wouldn't know the business of this so called AFN reporter with Dr ikpeazu foreign trip.when is the time to quit this cheap black mail and offer constructive criticism if u must earn a living by poke nosing
  • Okey Nna Ubadire.dont.mind.the.fool
  • Ubandire Matthew Ebuka, your confirmation is of no use here.
  • Chidinma Bertha Hmmm! This is Interesting. Gone are the days of deceit.
  • Fortune Akinyele I just made d research and confirmed it, this guy's regim would have been d worst if not for OTTI, from d look of things he does not have dat charisma to lead abia, cos he lackz vission, this is truly disrespcting, how can he leav for america only for him to feedback abians with lies, wat can of governor is dat. how am I sure his qualifications are true
  • Sunday Obinna Both AFN and apga supporters are stupid. U people should deviate from all these malicious words . Throw away hatred and evil acts. If u want to criticis his govt. Criticise it constructively. U people should stop all ths nonsense. Or else the wrath of GOD wil visit u people for not having good motives in ur criticism.
  • Harrison Uzoho Na one chance be dat ooo

  • Kanu Morgan ...but ikpeazu also has an enviable profile as d former boss of ascepa & em,em...

  • Princess Isaac Nonsense

  • Benson Emmanuel if u dont meet the main sec , there is still someone u can meet in his absence

  • Benson Emmanuel jobless youths ,this dude is making his money through this, and the only thing u do i comment, ok now u ve found out that she is not the sec of state what can u do, make it to the top that is the main thing where what u say will matter right now it is trash
  • Ozichukwu Ibeabuchi What do you expect from thieves.
  • Onyedinma Okorie Nawa ooooooooo