Tears From The Heart - A romantic but educating story (Episode 6)

Written by Genny Nazy Okoli

Continued from Episode 5

Amanda’s question was like a bombshell but Kelvin couldn't help the matter but pretended.
C,mon! Amanda you're my boo but I need you to give me sometimes to sort out myself please! Kelvin said.

Huh? Sort yourself out? Don't tell me it was because of that lady I saw in your house. Hope she isn't the reason? Amanda asked.

Women and their problems, Kelvin soliloquized. Kelvin stood up and moved to where she was sitting. With his hand round her waist, Kelvin said; baby, is not her please. As a man I have many things that needs my attention

At Sylvia’s Apartment

Babe what’s wrong? Jane, her roommate asked.

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My dear, you won't understand but am trying to fix things, Sylvia said with weak tone.
Don't tell me is because of Kelvin. Babe, you deserve the best, not that womanizer. Just get him off from your mind please, Jane pleaded with Sylvia.

Meanwhile, my cousin is doing his birthday party tonight, and I want us to go together, at least so you can get rid of this emotional trauma, Jane said...

Hey, I don't think................ Sylvia said with a low tone.

You don't have a say ma'am, Jane cuts in.

Later that night both of them attended the party. It was a colourful one; Jane who was busy with her families made Sylvia stuck to her seat because she had no one to talk to. Hey babe! Better get ready to mingle tonight, Jane teased her before she left.

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The last thing that was on her mind was to mingle. She decided to seat and watch the glamourous party as she sipped her wine.

Hi pretty, why are you all alone? Hope you don't mind if I sit close to you? This good looking young man said.

Not at all, Sylvia replied him.

The little introduction went down well with both of them. This handsome looking gentleman by the name Frank happens to be Jane’s cousin brother’s friend. And one exciting thing Frank used to woo her love was the atmosphere of happiness he created around Sylvia throughout the period both of them chatted.

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Suddenly, here comes in Jane. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything?” She asked.

Not at all, Frank promptly responded with a warming smile. At least I’m spending this wonderful and lovely party with such a beautiful damsel, he said.

Enjoy girl!!! Jane said and left.

The party ended well. Jane couldn't go with Sylvia that night because she was so busy with her family but with the help of Frank she got home. She managed to open the door, threw herself on the bed and dozed off.

She woke up feeling so tired, and coupled with so many works that needed to be done as it was Saturday; she did some with her last strength and decided to take some rest when she heard a knock at the door.

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“Gosh! I don't need anyone to disturb me right now”, Sylvia said to herself before she proceeded to the door to know who that was.

“Ooh! What a surprise visit!” Sylvia said as she opened the door for Frank.

“You look so pale. What’s wrong, my dear? Hope you're alright?” He asked.

“Too many questions at a time…. I'm fine. Just stress. Nothing serious...” She responded. Hey! Come in please! Sylvia flew the door open to welcome Frank.

Sylvia enjoyed every little bit of the time they spent together last night. This, according to her must have been because Frank had his way around words. She later prepared jellof rice which Frank ate with great appetite. Both of them spent the rest of the day together, talking about the nature of Frank’s work which Sylvia admitted was interesting to her.

Later that evening, Jane came back with great goodies but she wouldn’t want Sylvia to rest as she kept bugging her with many questions of how good Frank was…

“Hope he’s cute? I know you like him? Babe, c'mon tell me, you like him?” Jane kept on pestering her with many questions.

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“Fine, he is cute. Allow me to rest please” Sylvia pleaded with Jane.

“I know things will work out between both of you… “Jane said in affirmation. “You must be dreaming” Sylvia said uninterestingly.

“What!!!” Jane screamed.

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To be continued in Episode 7

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