The Military Neighbours: A story of how the military molest residents of Aba

Written By Emeh Chinecherem

Emeh Chinecherem, Truth Defender

As you read this article, you may be wondering if the military men are actually our neighbours. But the fact is not if they are our neighbours but, what type of neighbours they are. In a typical setting, there are certain things one expects to get from his neighbour – help, good co-operation, assistance, etc. All these will either be achieved or not depending on the type of neighbour you have. So the behaviour and action of the military men in your locality toward you in particular will determine if they are good or bad neighbours.

The basis of this article is as a result of the kind of military men we have in Aba particularly, the military unit at Ndoki Road Primary School. As a concerned resident of Aba, I am yet to fathom and figure out the direction of their work in Aba. I am yet to understand the justification for the kind of embarrassment innocent residents go through in their hands. I believe they should be humane and considerate in discharging their duties, but most often than not, the reverse is the case. It is better told than imagined the kind of frog jump and other punitive punishments they subject ordinary people to and one begins to imagine, the type of neighbours they are.

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In as much as the presence of the military is germane in that area of Aba and its environs, it is also imperative for them to come to terms with what the residents of Aba expect from them. It is not enough to accost and punish a hapless resident that unintentionally answer phone calls around their post, or stops within some metres of their unit for one reason or the other, or even a keke driver who they presume did not behave well by way of parking closer to their post. Those military men need to be reminded that their work does not require them to be paraded only in the confines of their post at Ndoki Road Primary School, Aba. What is wrong in them letting the residents of Ama Mmong at the Ngwa Road-end and beyond to fill the impact of their presence in that area? What is wrong if those military men embark on random patrol of the hide out of Indian hemp dealers? They need to be reminded that, while they (the military) have a field day at Ngwa Road by Ohanku where they are confined in their post, the residence of Ama Mmong are left at the mercy of criminals who have a field day in that area of Aba.

If really the military men are our good neighbours in Aba, it is high time they apply a holistic approach to rid off criminal elements that have pitched their tents in Aba. They need to find a way to confront criminals that terrorise unsuspecting individuals in that remote area of Aba. They should be good and friendly to the residents of that area whom they have come to protect in the first place.

There are areas where the military unit at Ndoki Road Primary School, Aba should pay attention and go to combat the criminal elements in that area. Such areas as: Agulanna Road i.e. before Nepa-Agulanna junction, Agu Road area of the Ama Mmong, Ngwa Road-end and the environs, Umuibe area and the environs, Ukadike area, Evinna area, Umugbor, etc. This will help to bring peace to the residents of those areas. This will make them to be more respected and appreciated by the people of that area of Aba and the people will be confident that the military men are there for them to combat crime and not to combat them (the residents of Ama Mmong). If the military men in that area can live up to the expectations of Ama Mmon residents, they will be seen as our good neighbours rather than our bad neighbours. 

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