Joshua Okezikam, Co-founder, TVTMagazine
Written by Joshua Okezikam

The productive sector is a vital part of the society, the future of the society and its inherent capacity for growth and development, wholly depends on it’s ability to be productive. Productivity can be defined through; invention, innovation, science, technology and so many others.

The reasons for low productivity should not be attributed to the government; politicians, lack of infrastructure, or  lack of technological knowhow; instead, the minor reasons which are often overlooked. They range from the individuals, the citizens, selfish mindset, discouragement, lack of persistence and above all, lack of synergy.

Firstly, the individuals and the citizens whom I classify as the human factor should be held highly responsible for low productivity in our society. The individuals should work strenuously to discover the ideas and abilities endowed in him and how to utilize and invest them; afterwards the society should seek for ways to encourage the individual and equally giving him a platform to be recognized; instead of sitting around to criticize, mock and disapprove the individual’s effort.

Furthermore, most individuals want to be the only voice heard, the wants to become number one, they want to be seen. These strong negative passions gives rise to selfish attitudes; such as, greed, self-centeredness, egoistical mindset and so many others. Hence they discourage partnership business, public limited liability companies, cooperative societies and so on; rather they promote sole proprietorship. Again, is lack of synergy. Did I include lack of synergy as a factor?  Yes, of course. This is indubitably the mother of all other factors. Every entrepreneur wants to become the proprietor, the CEO, and the founder, probably to become famous alone. Synergy is defined as the cooperation of two or more things to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate individual effects. This gives rise to formidable productive business establishment such as we had in the past years; like, A&B Records` which was co-founded by Alpert and Jerry Moss, Aitken Spence which was co-founded by Patrick Gordon Spence, Edward Aitken and S.R Aitken. The benefits of synergy are so numerous to list. Little wonder, Emenike Emmanuel, the CEO of Emchis consulting said in one of his popular speeches, ”an idea shared is twice multiplied”. Have this in mind, someone out there can always make your ideas perfect and equally help make them a reality.

Besides, discouragement is also noted to be among the factors resulting to low productivity in the society. In most cases, when young entrepreneurs who need advice and counsel, consults a mentor, instead of being motivated and inspired, their so called mentors end up feeding their mentee’s mind with millions of reasons why they wont hit success.

Moreover, lack of persistence can never be left behind. Do you feel like giving up? No, don’t give up on your dreams, persist a little longer. The success of inventing an electric bulb never came in a single attempt, history recorded that over nine hundred and ninety attempts were made which kept proving abortive, not until a little more energy, amendment and focus took effect. Hence, success was achieved, that is the story behind the invention of an electric bulb. What will yours be? What will you benefit from quitting so soon? Indeed, that business venture can be established.

Ultimately, you are a solution. Yes you are. The key to your financial future is your perception. A lot of people dream of achieving greatness, they want to shine and stand out from the crowd, the question remains-are you willing to utilize the solution that you carry? A popular quote by Mike Murdock says, “In every problem there is a solution and an opportunity to make wealth” start discovery now.