Tribute by Miriam Anukem to Bruce Mayrock, the youngman who committed suicide as a way of protesting the injustices meted against Biafrans

Bruce Mayrock - Biafran lover
By Miriam Anukem

who was 20 at the time of your death when you died from the injuries sustained from setting yourself ablaze protesting the injustices against Biafra Igbos.

A young student of Columbia University New York at the time, he burned to death near United Nations building in New York on May 29. 1969.

Imagine such self sacrifice for a people whom he never met and neither will ever meet. Yet, out of utter frustration and despair for what he saw as gross injustice against the people of Biafra he took his own life in the most painful gruesome kind of way. 

Was anyone listening or paying heed to our plight even after Bruce Mayrock committed suicide? No! The fact remains that the Western world which are the world powers America and Britain are less sensitive to Black lives. If half of what has been happening in our land had happened in Europe or Asia, the FREE world would have reacted immediately. This is why I had advised our delegate of men who met yesterday September 6, 2015, under the umbrella of World People's Congress(WIC) to please air on the side of caution. 

If for any reason we clandestinely kill any of the Northern Hausa/Fulani, in retaliation of how they murdered three of our men and wounding several others in Onitsha two weeks ago, they will seize the opportunity to perpetrate more massacre on the remainder of our people at home.
We must for the sake of the lives of the people we have at home exercise more patience and carry out more campaigns of our marginalization, and the senseless killings of our folks both in their lands and our Igbo Biafra land.
When looked into Bruce Mayrock a native of New York, hailed from a very wealthy family of successful merchants who owned a chain of department stores for generations in New York.He had known no poverty and lived a life of privilege.

He gave his young life up in an utmost sacrifice, which teaches us all to live selflessly for the betterment of others. Not necessarily to give up our lives literally like he did, but to be quick in being of service to our fellow man. 

Bruce Mayrock, may you eternally reign with our Lord in paradise where no political racial, tribal, religious, or economic domination will ever be tolerated, till we all meet again
 Miriam Anukem
Miriam Anukem

Miriam I. Anukem.
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