Tribute to Biafrans who lost their lives on 30th August, 2015 by Prince Darlington Chukwubuikem.

I wish I could express the emotions I feel, the Sorrow inside me, I just want to yell, I need to be heard, I wish to speak, I wish I could roar with a thunderous voice like a Lion to the hearing of the international communities, I wish I could see GOD (Chukwu Okike Abiama) one on one, to ask him a trillion question.
I wish he can hear the voice of the oppressed defenseless people of Biafra. I wish I could wipe the tears in the eyes of the immediate family members of these great fallen heroes who died while spreading the gospel of the restoration of our Great nation Biafra, the gospel of redemption/ freedom.

I wish I can wipe the tears in the eyes of my fellow IPOB families members Worldwide, our 3 late Brothers Killed by the Nigeria Military/Force , you were Brave men of Honor fighting for your freedom and that of your Generation to come, you were never cowards who sit and die for nothing. Your death is sacred to humanity. If there is any place called heaven, I believe with every sense of certainty that you all are now with GOD almighty himself because you died for a just course.

To all the families members affected with bullet wounds, you are Brave and the Heroes of our time, they have dug a hole called a trench; Humanity is gone, replaced with stench. Pain around us is draining but real, craving silence, not an ounce of fame or glory could ever save us from this story. If it warrants that we should fight for days, weeks, months, years or even eternity, we must remain strong to avoid defeat. There's so much sorrow, in every IPOB's eyes around the world, but we shall continue this struggle until victory is achieved.

The family members of IPOB WORLDWIDE loves you all that went on that evangelism at Onitsha on 30th of August 2015, the Enemies want to use force and intimidation through bullet and guns to put fear in the heart of every Biafran, but they have failed because we are fighting a Just course, and Our Freedom is Pivotal, its nonnegotiable, it’s sacrosanct and we shall continue this struggle till the last man standing. With the blood of all the Biafran’s killed starting from 1945 till date, with the Blood of these 3 Gallant Ambassadors of freedom for Biafra, we declare and decree that BIAFRA must be restored.

As we mourn you from today 1st of September till 3rd of September (48 hours) from this morning, we solemnly declare and decree that you are indeed our Brave Heroes and we shall continue mourn you, we shall continue this fight until we win.

Watch this Video attached and stand Brave before your enemies, get the message sink into your mind and be motivated, the World is watching and your voices and cry is heard, gone are the days when no one take record of the killing of Biafrans.

Biafran’s must have their freedom as soon as possible, I mean very very soon.
R.I.P Our Brave Men of honor. We love you all and we shall meet to path no more. we shall avenge your death.

God bless Biafra.