Truck’s Container Falls Off Ojuelegba Bridge, Crushes Couple in Lagos

A container has today fallen off the truck conveying it across the Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos, thereby crushing to death two occupants of an unidentifiable SUV believed to be a couple.

From the information gathered from an eye witness, another white colored car, was also partially crushed but God being faithful them, the occupants had escaped to safety in good time.

The eye witness narrated that they were raising alarm to call the attention of the driver of the jeep and the other occupant suspected to be his wife, without avail as the windows of their car was obviously wound up making it difficult for them to hear their cries.

Other eye witnesses disclosed that the truck had earlier this morning fallen at Ijora road, but was uploaded again only to cause havock at Ojuelegba Bridge.

It was also discovered that the container got loose as a result of not been fastened to the truck with hooks, chains or clips.