Amazing! See a 12 Storey Building Constructed With Bamboo By a 16 Year Old Boy From Ihechiowa

This picture above is a 12 storey building constructed by a true son of Ihechiowa, Arochukwu LGA in Abia State.

12 Storey building, Helicopter and the Designer
The young boy is just 16 but his creativity is second to none.

It will amaze you more to discover that he did this with just bamboo stick and empty carton.

So far many lovers of creative work has called to enquire how to get to him. Please, anyone with useful information on how we can get across to him for relevant exposure and possibly recommending him to the government for reward should contact us via 09026042098.

You will also notice that there is a helicopter at the flour there.

Most of our fans who applauded this laudable achievement on our facebook page have these to say;

Evangelist Goodnews Harvest his mate in hausafulani are bussy following cow ,in yoruba land his mate are bussy looking lgbo man that buy the family burial ground and pay omolile money bl4 the go school without skill and skull at the end come out drag biafra oil and gas .or open million men chuch 4 private jet tagets to hell without acount of repented soul, because the wisdom had be sold to satan through the craft and cruelty life. with all pheck professors that cannot even produce ordinary ABA shoe the mock.but only hunger 4 false honor without precipt of wisdom of GOD like biafra strive 4.and help other nations the wisest yoruba man l had ever see in life only wrote books without deed .in all the empty boast of wisdom without proves. very soon biafra boy will start producing jet 4 nigeria pastors to buy more with they sinful offery of seedsowing withot harvest job l2:l6 said onye nigeria pastors waburu ka ha gbara with ntu na aghuhu ha.

Nnamani Osysamuel Highly ingenious .

Chika Abaradike Wao this is wonderful, boy keep it up.

Anih Bright This great talent

Igbani Ukoha Inyima very good

Onwe Ogbonnaya Nice of u boy keep it up.

Ifeany Nwankwo all de best boii

Ifeany Nwankwo all de best boii

Evangelist Goodnews Harvest that means GOD want him to excel in life as one of bifran future civil engneer and GOD wil help him to get there.without much labour but with grace roman 9:l5-l6

Emmanuel Kaja Okeke You will excel, great talent.

Fredrick Asionye keep it up

Mentor Uchenna Thats my guy

Augusta Iwuji Wow!!! This is talent.

Chimezie Nwaokoro God gave it to Biafrans

Do Good Chinedu Lazarus great' what den wil happen wen our nation wil be restored.

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