Biafra: Rev Fr Mbaka describe protesters as “evil”, MASSOB fires back, says he’s selfish

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

Movement for the Actualization of a Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, in a statement issued to newsmen in Enugu condemned the statement credited to Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka as being opposed to the massive agitation and protest embarked upon by some youths and a fraction of the fathers of Southeastern and Southsouth geopolitical zones of Nigeria for freedom to exist as Biafrans. 

In his statement, Comrade Uchenna Madu, the MASSOB Director described the utterances as insensitive, un-guided and selfish.

It will be recalled that just few days after Aisha Buhari, the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria visited Fr Ejike Mbaka he began to speak vehemently against the struggle for Biafra.
In a bid to address the issue and as well help water find its level as in the case of Buhari and Mbaka, Comrade Uchenna Madu further stressed that “Mr President should be aware that no amount of persuasion and friendship with Mbaka can frustrate or diminish the rising status, consciousness and global reawakening/acceptance of Biafra.”

Addressing Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka as a hypocrite he said; “a man who speak with both sides of the mouth at a time is a hypocrite and is not worthy to be trusted. The Igbo Christians, Catholics and even The Pope will prove Mbaka wrong. Other Igbo clergy including Catholic priests are not in support of Mbaka’s anti Biafra comment.”

He stressed that his group and many other Biafrans are ready to sacrifice anything in quest for freedom which will only come by the realisation of Biafra.

He accused Rev Fr Mbaka of being a great beneficiary of the protest as his product were the most purchased product during the march which they had advised that only products manufactured by Biafrans or in Biafraland should be patronized.

“Fr Mbaka is the manufacturer of Aqua Rapha.

The statement made by Rev Fr Mbaka which most Biafrans had termed “selfish” was made during one of his sermons at the weekly Adoration Ministry in Enugu on Saturday. What provoked most agitators of Biafra to the highest scale was Fr. Mbaka’s unguided talk of describing their action as “evil”.

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka advised the youths saying that locking up their shops to disrupt economic activities in the city in the name of protest will not add any naira to your pocket. He opined that any grievance could be resolved through dialogue.

He lambasted those leaders that were behind the agitation and protests, saying that they should use their children for the struggle.

But the BIG QUESTION is; why did Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Enugu Catholic Priest suddenly turn against the division of Nigeria he has for long been preaching?  What would have Aisha Buhari given him?
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