Complete Photo Gallery of IPOB Protest in Aba

IPOB Protest in Aba
The walk for freedom by members of IPOB is seriously gathering momentum as hundreds of thousands of Aba residents and their counterparts from other regions and provinces took to the streets of Aba to protest against the unlawful and continuous detention of Director Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB and Radio Biafra host and some other Biafrans who are in the custody of DSS.

This protest is in line with other protests going on around the world where Biafrans and friends of Biafra are resident. They used this opportunity to call on the FG to release Nnamdi Kanu now the protest is still peaceful before they will be stretched to the limit. This protest by Pro-Biafra group is also calling on the United Nations to grant them freedom that they are tired of being a part of the British project called Nigeria.
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Yesterday, the protest was peaceful but it may not always remain so if nothing is done. One of their placards reads; "give us Biafra or we all die", is a true demonstration of their willingness to die in quest for freedom.
Nnamdi Kanu will always say; "I am better dead than to remain a Nigerian."

See a complete photo gallery of the peaceful protest in Aba on 9th November, 2015. This day will remain memorable in the history of Biafra and Aba.
Biafrans protesting in Aba

Peaceful protest of Nigerians in Aba

IPOB protesting in Aba

Freedom Fighter, Leonard Okoli

Police Station in Aba closed down

Policemen hiding behind their gate, unable to make arrest again

Photo Credit: Leonard Okoli
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