Nigerians react to Davido's new car worth N30m

    Following the new car said to worth N30m that Davido posted on Instagram, Nigerians have developed mixed feelings on that. While some argued it was his car, others argued he was only advertising for the company or got the money from his father. Whatever, let's know what you think?
    I love davido but honestly I must say dt there is something unreal abt all this display of wealth. It is either the car company is using him to advertise their products or his is just posing with pples cars. If I should count the number of cars davido has flaunted as his own then his garage must be filled by now even to his living room. Common pple the industry is not more lucrative than drug business or politics. If he really has all that then he should be on FORBES list. lol
    • kaya
      Believe it or not, they all belong to him, paid by his and daddy's money, nothing strange there.
    • ATL’s finest
      Lmao @ Drug business And politics:) well I have been wondering how old is he.. 23??? That explains it all.. Acting like his age but I have seen grown ass 23yrs old as well..
  • Shosho
    The photo with Davido sitting on the car is derogatory. He might be talented but his cup is overflowing with arrogance.
  • Hian November 7, 2015 at 10:46 pm
    I think David is one of the realest! I don’t think he would lie about purchasing a car…..btw his garage his full already coz I follow him on snapchat
    • Rafaella 
      My fellow BellaNaijarians, let us all clap for HIAN cos he or she has just recorded an achievement which is following Davido on Snapchat. With this achievement, we hope to see your name on FORBES list.
  • nunulicious
    Does Davido live in Abuja, because that’s the only place he can appreciate the power of that machine. Congratulations!
  • Honeycrown 
    Which kain yeye auto loving Bellanaijarians will tell you about the specs of the car? If you wan know the specs, Na you wey bring the news, go finish wetin you start.
  • Queen Vee 
    This boy self! What does he do with all these cars he acquires? This is what happens when you have too much money at his age with little or no responsibility. I want to see how he will be in 20 years.
    • Anon
      In 20 years? His very rich daddy’s inheritance would have kicked in. Tee hee!
  • J.j 
    This is an act of brainless puppy
  • onetallgirl 
    Must be nice, beautiful car! And here I am having to wake up 2 hours before my shift to walk to work and be there on time. smh, I am convinced that there are people in this world that don’t have to struggle.
  • Dan 
    People with ‘I pass my neighbours car’ should stop fretting, some one is out there sponsoring bokoharam , those cars are not bomb.
  • onome marvelous 
    All this blast u guys re giving him is it ur concern,if u wanna be like just be ur self and wait untill God’s time….ona too dy jealousy self drugs or not through music the kid is make his money,abi he owe ona make ona nr make money at age of23!!! Y is it hard to let ur fellow man successd.maybe dats the reason God hasn’t blessed some pple!!!
  • Say the truth 
    People with ‘I pass my neighbours car’ should stop fretting, some one is out there sponsoring bokoharam , those cars are not bomb”
    <— Ehn?!!
  • Rouge
    Nope. There is nothing fishy about his display of wealth. Though N30m is a lot to a majority of Nigerians, it isn’t as overwhelming to him. These guys get pad for every show, event or endorsement they get. Davido and top artistes like himself are no exceptions, they get paid millions for shows and are booked round the clock. He could make N30m a month during his peak months easily not to count other sources of income, hence the actuality of this not being far fetched.

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