OPINION: I wish every year is election year in Nigeria - Emeh Chinecherem

Emeh Chinecherem

Written by Emeh Chinecherem
My readers might be wondering exactly what I mean by that. They may ask, ‘Is the (Nigerian) election not every four years?’ At this time, I wish to be selfish, though not for myself really but, for my people in Aba, Abia State. This is because, during the 2015 General election, Aba people benefited a lot from the candidates of various political parties, both aspirants and contestants. Some politicians made so many promises to better our lot in Aba, while some did good things for us before and during the election.

The 2015 General Election saw the people of Aba benefit in great measure the magnanimity of our political class. Apart from the political promises made during the period under review, so many good things were done to us by the politicians. That period saw the politicians who never cared about bad nature of roads in Aba, perform one form of intervention or the other to make the roads passable. As a result, some bad roads were fixed and made passable by the politicians. 

I was told of a story on the dramatic nature of the gubernatorial campaign of the PPA governorship candidate, Chikwe Udensi. The story had it that, he came to a particular area to campaign to be voted for as the governor of Abia State in the 2015 governorship election, and asked the people if they needed money and other campaign gifts or if they needed their roads to be fixed, the people said they needed their roads to be fixed and truth to his word, he fixed their roads just like he did in other areas.
During that period, Mr Chikwe Udensi was on rampage as he followed up his gubernatorial campaigns with fixing of major roads in Aba. At a time, I was wondering where he got such money as to salvage our roads. It was hard for the government in power to perform such task even though they collect huge sum of money monthly from the Federal Government. But, in this case, individual(s) took it upon themselves to fix our roads, even when they were not sure of victory at the poll.
Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe of the PDP was not left out on the activity of road fixing to curry favour from the voters in Abia South senatorial zone of Abia State. He brought about #200,000 as we were told by the stake holders at the Ama Mmong area of Aba to be used to grade some roads along Umuibe, Agu Road, and other nearby roads within the area.
As if that was not enough, the current governor of Abia State Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu also came to beg the people of Ama Mmong to vote for him as governor during the election. It was at Agu Road by Onyemaechi that he came and made a pledge of a million naira (N1, 000,000) and deposited five hundred thousand naira (N500, 000) to be used to grade the roads at Ama Mmong area of Aba. He did not stop there, he went ahead to donate a transformer for the people of that area. Indeed, the people of Aba enjoyed the benevolence of the politicians during the 2015 General Election. In fact I do pray that, every year will be election year so we could enjoy as much as we enjoyed in the last election.
But it is disheartening that less than six months after the Nigerian General Election, the roads have gone back to their dilapidated state, worse than they were before the election. The government seems to turn a blind eye to the bad state of the roads. All the aspirants and contestants have gone back to their tents without any future intervention to our roads from them again.
Aba is better imagined than seen during the rainy season. Starting from Ama Mmong, Ohanku, Azikiwe by East to other adjoining roads down to Ama Ogbonnaya are begging for attention from the government of the day as motorists go through all the short cuts known by them in a bid to get to Ngwa Road, Okigwe Road, or Azikiwe by Asa Road, Aba. The Ariaria area is not left out. Port Harcourt Road is a shadow of itself. The same goes with Obohia. All seem to have been forgotten. 
Some people ask, ‘What will it take the Governor to fix these major junctions, were they neglected intentionally to suffer the residents of Aba, or were they neglected out of the ignorance of the governor on their dilapidated nature?’ Whichever question one may have to ask, the fact remains that, the governor inherited the bad roads in Aba and therefore, should not be blamed on bad condition of these roads. The residents can only wish that every year should be election year  so that the magnanimous aspirants and contestants can come to their rescue and intervene on the roads no matter how small a palliative they would offer, it would be better than none.
But on a good note, the governor Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu seems to have heard the yearnings and groaning of Aba residents. He promised and has started given a face lift to some roads in Aba. At least, construction works have started in many roads but barely the major roads in Aba. I wish the tempo with which the governor started work in Aba will be sustained. Also, he should consider starting major construction work in the Ama Mmong area of Aba. I believe this is the time major construction work will be done in Aba because of the fact that the governor is from Abia South which Aba happens to be the major hub of the zone. Could the governor, OVI be better than the others? Time will tell and posterity will judge.
About the writer
Emeh Chinecherem is a dynamic writer living in the city of Aba who never hides his feelings and opinions about the activities in the State. He believes in “change” and desires that this wind of change will blow in Abia State.