Populated By Igbos, Buhari Gives 20K Each To Golden Eaglet Players

Eaglets Disgraced by Buhari with 20,000 Naira Gift - Photo Credit: Nigerian Pilot
President Buhari has never failed to prove his hatred for the Igbo and Southsouth people. First was in the appointment of key offices where no Igbo person was appointed. Now, he has meted his hatred for the Igbos by giving N20,000 ($100) each to the Golden Eaglet players who made the nation proud by winning their Mali counterpart. 

It is worthy of note that these guys risked their lives on that pitch just because they wanted to represent their country, Nigeria.

It is also noteworthy that these guys are youths who have families looking up to them. Lol... They also have babes them dey tidy too.. Haba! Pa Buhari, you stingy o.. You spent N5.8 billion on travels alone in 6 months but to release money give these guys you dey form.

So far, the players have reacted, saying; "it is surely not the best way to treat heroes."

Here are the reactions of Nigerians:

Viviangist: "And what is the problem, i think we asked for CHANGE, and that what we got. Anti youth/women govt. But i dont want to believe this news or is it because it is southern nigeria dominated team?. .Believe this govt, sORRi."

  Zuchyblink: "Buhari messes up anywhere he finds Igbos. How do u expect Buhari to give a team that is studded with SE+SS players a reasonable amount of money?"

Onyepapa: "Hahahahah buhari oooo anyways this one is better nah the once that won under OBJ got only handshake."

Gwmlogistic: "And what do you expect them to get, under 17 category should all be secondary school students I suppose. I don't think any developed nation rewards its under 17 team financially. More emphasis should be placed on turning them into professionals than giving them money for iranu"

Dragonking: "Fabregas was 17 years old when he started earning several millions if you convert the dollars paid to him to naira...If you don't know anything about football, just shut the fvck up....it is not a must to comment."

Tammie24: "So giving footballers 20k is ok abi Later when they fail you wonder y"

Ayomax: "It's okay by me, at least we cheated by using players above 24yrs as under 17, no wonder we can only do very well in that category n fail during the real world cup."

WiseOneKing: "I know it is ok by you because is baba. He feeds you with pook, ok baba, it tastes good. You are using a brain of 73 yrs old man to reason wasting your youthful mental resources. Baba that cheated in his Certificate are better than those boys. I wish your jnr brother is involved and you rant your filth better."

Exploit200: "Buhari is ruling this country like Abacha. its so so unfair to treat those guys like this."

Promhize: "Buhari came out yesterday or the day before, to say Nigerians have decided to remain one. But the only thing that unites Nigeria the most, he treats like used tissue paper. Buhari is a drunkard."

Oladefirst2: "I sighted someone saying during Jonathan regime he gave dem money and house, I'm not surprised because the regime spent money recklessly without proper accountability. what do u expect the players to receive after collecting their match allowances? we should know that a new govt had taken over and there is an avenue to manage the resources judiciously without profligating it."

LadyF: "Like seriously? We have lost it! Nigeria is broke but they can afford to pay minister almost half a billion? Please clap for yourself!"

All reactions of Nigerians were garnered from Nairaland.com