Preoccupied with thoughts on Biafra, Buhari fails to hold FEC meeting today

President Muhammadu Buhari

 This is barely a week the newly appointed Ministers were sworn in and officially inaugurated, the ThisDay report has it that the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting which has always been held on every Wednesday,  could not hold as was initially scheduled.

Consequent upon the challenges bedeviling the country right now which according the President Buhari’s body language shows that his biggest headache is the Biafra agitation in the southeast and Southsouth, he has failed to live up to his expectation as the leader of the biggest black nation in the world but has decided to live and rule as a dictator who has no iota of respect for the rule of law.

Emerging reports shows that the meeting was only postponed last night.

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Until now, no official reason has been given for the sudden postponement of the meeting which ought to be a weekly a thing as it has been done in the previous administration.

The Federal Executive Council meeting is a weekly one and has held every Wednesday since the exit of military regime and return to democracy in 1999.

There were only few instances when by a Presidential directive; the meeting was moved to another day during the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

It is noteworthy that it was during this meeting that federal contracts were usually ratified and approved by all the Ministers present.

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But i is unfortunate that President Buhari still finds it difficult to understand that he’s now in democracy and not military regime where he has supreme authority.