RELATIONSHIP INSIGHT: 3 Fastest Ways Guys Ruin Ladies’ Life

3 Fastest Ways Guys Ruin Ladies' Life

Sorry guys! I will have to let the cat out of the bag now. It’s a shocking exposition but I have to say it. May be I will spare another life with this. 

Sincerely, I have to apologize to all male folks on our reading list who this article will be revealing their long-aged secrets of tracking girls down, and afterwards ruining their lives – sometimes, even without knowing it.

As a media entity poised with the responsibility of bringing you relationship advice and tips, I want to on this platform of our RELATIONSHIP INSIGHT here in ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE, introduce to you THREE FASTEST WAYS A GUY WILL USE TO RUIN A LADY’S LIFE. Fortunately, if you study these three points very well, you will never be a victim of any guy’s plot to ruin your life.

“When men are tired of a relationship that has constantly
fed them with sex, they send one of their friends to come after you.”

Without further delay, here are the points:

1.     By having sex with the girl
“Sex is the most wonderful thing on this earth, as long as God is in it.
When the Devil gets in it, it's the most terrible thing on this earth.”
Billy Graham

Believe it or not, the guy who sleeps with you and takes carnal advantage of you will tell his friends about you. Ladies, your sexual relationship with him is no more a secret. In case you don’t know; men also gossip. So, when a guy pulls through his manhood between your legs, he loses every iota of respect he used to have for you. And as this continues, men who knew about your relationship with him takes you for a whore. Guess what; before long, some of his friends will begin to approach you for similar game plan.

When men are tired of a relationship that has constantly fed them with sex, they send one of their friends to come after you with sweet words and when you finally fall cheap for his friend, he kicks you out and gently walks away from the relationship.

Having known what most men are up to, I will advise you to resist every temptation to let him see the colour of your pant. Do all you can to preserve your values. Just a few percentage of guys will stoop low to marry a girl who they have had marathon sex with in the past. That may sound funny but in reality, it is just a fact. The reason is that he won’t feel secure with you. Sooner or later, he will believe without evidence that he is sharing your body with another man somewhere.

“People who find it difficult to socialize in this 21st Century
always see themselves lacking even in the midst of abundance.”
Emenike Emmanuel

Men naturally do not like cheap things. If they can’t pay heavily before they have it, they will likely not have value for it. So, don’t let them see you as one who is cheap. Place some values on your womanhood. You don’t need a boyfriend who has an ulterior motive to ruin your life just because you are looking for someone who will appreciate your uniqueness. The true identity of your uniqueness is not on your body (sumptuous boobs, figure 8 shape and padded buttocks) but in your brain. Ordinary men naturally believe that women have ‘chicken brain’, but that’s not always true. It is a complete fallacy. Intelligent girls are the true classy girls. They have the same quest for excellence and greatness like every other human being.
Another way men ruin ladies’ life is;

2.      By destroying the girl’s social life
Our social life is an integral part of us that cannot be taken away. People who find it difficult to socialize in this 21st Century always see themselves lacking even in the midst of abundance. Funny enough, some guys who are living in the 21st Century are still operating with the 20th Century mentality. They think by disconnecting their girlfriend from socializing it will help to take the eyes of men off her territory. Hahahaha…. That’s foolishness anywhere, but some guys are still living in the dark. 

“Don’t let anyone run your life, he may likely ruin it.”
Emenike Emmanuel

Please! Boy, don’t be a wizard. Live your life and let her live her own life. Why will you ask her to stop chatting and responding to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp? Why are you pestering her life? ‘Dem send you?’ Are you a monitoring spirit? What economic value will knowing the login pin to her social network accounts bring to you?

Freedom of expression in a socialized world is something if trampled upon will leave you dying in silence. Moreover, pretty queen, who knows where your help will come from? I have seen people become friends and afterwards husband and wife all from Facebook. Ladies, inasmuch as there’s high level of insecurity on the internet, there are still wonderful people out there who can add meaning to your life if you tread with caution.

Take a chance, and live the life you have always imagined. Don’t let anyone run your life, he may likely ruin it. Be the first Boss of your own life before you get married. You never can tell what great benefits await you when you open up to mind blowing discussions in your industry or something you have handful information on.

An un-socialized life is a timid life.

3.     By exposing a girl at various joints, beer parlours, restaurants and hotels
Men who are fond of asking you out to various hotels, restaurant and beer parlours are the most dangerous men to avoid. Those men are wolves in sheep clothing. Most of them who will love and pledge to keep you as their best friend in the words of Azu Happiness Ezinne are only feeding a chicken they will one day slaughter and eat.

There’s nothing more deadly like exposing a girl in almost all public arenas in the name of buying her common food. Ladies, it becomes hard to let go if heart break eventually happens after he has exposed you to virtually all his friends and many others you can’t remember. 

If both of you must have your meals together (even as singles – which I doubt if it is proper), I will advise you to prepare the meal. 

What you don’t understand as a lady is that when a guy becomes fond of taking you to public places, he is invariably sampling you as bought-over goods. It is one of those GREAT strategies men use to ward off their male counterparts from every getting closer. Such action reads; “Keep off, this one is not available.”


Sisi…. I hope this advice is well taken? I am tired of helping ladies mend their broken hearts and that’s why I am here with this pre-information before it happens again. I wish you a blissful relationship. Don’t be deceived by looks. And don’t give out your trust until he judiciously earns it. Say NO to premarital sex – it aborts great destiny. Thanks for being a part of our RELATIONSHIP INSIGHT this week. To get the audio copy of this Series, add me on Whatsapp - +2347036251361.

About the Author
I am Emenike Emmanuel, the CEO of Emchis Consulting, Managing Editor of Atang Cultures & Events Magazine and the Author of the life & business transforming audio book; “HOW TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR OF EXCELLENCE”.