Sultan of Sokoto insults Biafrans, says “they have nowhere else to live than (the North) where they are presently living”

Sultan of Sokoto

Written by Aba Good
In what looks like an expression of worry, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar 111 indirectly insulted Biafrans residing in the north, claiming that they had told him that they do not have any other place to live except where they are currently living.

To me and many other well-thinking Biafrans, that was an insult deliberately organised to make our people living outside Biafraland, especially the Northern part of Nigeria to feel inferior. And when they do, the intimidation continues.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar 111, during the second General Assembly of the Northern Traditional Rulers’ Council in Kaduna on 23rd November, 2015 expressed worry over the increasing agitation for Biafra by some Igbo groups. 

What was more annoying in this scenario was that they left their supposed business of the day to discuss Biafra agitation which does not in any way affect them. But wait! How does the peaceful agitation for FREEDOM by the people of Biafra affect them that in their communiqué they resolved to send delegates to meet with Igbo leaders in the South-East?

He promised to work with Traditional rulers in the South-East “to stop this agitation.”
He said: “We are very much concerned about this issue because we know we have millions of millions of Igbos residing with us in our homes, in our towns, in our states, very peacefully, very industrious, helping our communities and our economy to grow and so many of them as we know, keep telling us that they have nowhere else to live than where they are presently living.”

“Since we have this coordination with millions and millions of them, what is happening now is a thing of concern to us and we believe we should look at this issue and most likely set up a small committee of senior traditional rulers to go to South-East and engage our brothers there (traditional rulers) so that we will know how we can come in to stop this agitation,” the Sultan said.

However, he acknowledged the fact that it is the Biafrans (Igbo people) among them that is helping their economy to grow. 

I want to advise His Majesty not to worry because those businesses helping their economy to grow will not be forcefully relocated should the Republic of Biafra be realised like we are currently pushing from all ends that we do.

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