The Culture of Excellence

Culture of Excellence

Whenever the quest for excellence as a national virtue is discussed, the country that quickly comes to my mind is Germany. This is a country where the beauty of excellence is appreciated and empowered at all levels. Coming in contact with some German companies in Nigeria has taught me to believe that the enthusiasm to continually come up with excellent products and services especially in the field of engineering is not something those companies decided to do based on the policies of their resident countries but the Culture of Excellence that has for long ago been enshrined in them. They can’t afford to do cheap things with no touch of excellence.

I believe that whenever excellence becomes a natural operation of people’s psychological constitution, their connection with cheap and mundane lifestyle will die a natural death. This, no doubt was one of the inspirations for my previous audiobook titled; How To Become An Entrepreneur Of Excellence. I do not subscribe to any ideology that something is done well except it is done excellently. Whether it is a temperamental make-up or a natural quest to live and operate in the order of God I do not know but the word, “excellence” is the watchword upon which I have taken a bet to build my life and organisation on.

However, it is expedient we realize in good time that nothing, including excellence can ever be maintained and sustained except it becomes a culture. Until excellence becomes our way of life, our dream of building an excellent life and future remains ‘mission impossible’. Leaders and teachers, who in my opinion are the most effective agents of organic change, must wake up to this responsibility of making excellence an implicit part of every field of endeavour. 

Africans must come to a point where they will be willing to jettison fake and substandard products and services from Asian countries, especially China. Our people must become intelligently exposed enough to substantiate between inferior and superior services, and if by any act of wheedling are served with inferior products at the price of excellent ones, we must not only reject it but as well report them to relevant authorities. 

In Nigeria, the two most active bodies to report to when battled with manufacturers and service agents imposing inferior services at the price of excellent ones are the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

You cannot afford to scuttle the global race for excellence by waiting for the leadership at the federal or regional level to take the lead. We must all step out of our zones of comfort and discomfort to encourage, empower and influence the development of excellence as a culture in our country.

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I am Emenike Emmanuel, an Award-winning Inspirational Writer, the CEO of Emchis Consulting, Managing Editor of Atang Cultures & Events Magazine and the Author of the life and business transforming audio book; “HOW TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR OF EXCELLENCE. Would you want me to write for your magazine or speak at your upcoming event? Contact me now – 07036251361 or