When Love Is Not Enough, What Next?

Okuzor Olivia

 Written By Olivia Okuzor

When it comes to relationships love is really not always enough to hold it all together, good relationship don't just thrive by chance, it takes a lot of patience, tolerance and two committed souls ready to put in their best to achieve that happy union they both crave for but most times even with our very best it still does not seem right and after so many problems beyond your control, you just feel you wanna end it all and have your rest of mind, hey!!!

It's your decision to make dear, you wear the shoe and knows where it hurts, no one understand you better than you, but before you walk out that door, take your time and ponder in this three vital questions and please, be sincere with your self when answering them; remember it must not always end wit quarreling and fighting, first of all, have you really thought about it very well? Has the love truly diminished? Hope you will never wish you never left in the first place? Remember, you can love a person dearly and still don't wish to be with them. If that's your case then I suggest a little distance just so you can clear your head before doing what you will regret in the nearest future, but if after all this you still don't wanna be together, instead of hating and boiling and feeling bitter, its time to say good bye for good. 

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Make sure before you break up you have truly fallen out of love with the person in the sense that you no longer have that respect and trust for the person, when you love a person it usually stays that way forever, its normal, but have a positive attitude toward the person even when you know you ain't meant to be together, never you act rude or childish around him/her, make them see the hurt, pain, anguish and strength in your eyes, make them see what it's costing you just to walk away from them, I did not say cry or beg after all it was your decision to walk away in the first place, the whole point is to allow them know you cared and loved them without reserve but he/she is hurting you, studies have shown that in most cases they come back crawling to have you back because they can't seem to let go of your memories, if it happens that way fine, if not so be it, you will be stronger next time,peace.