3 Shocking Goals President Buhari Achieves on a Daily Basis by Olusegun Phillips-Alonge

Let me say, I am very open and I can talk to the NSA or anyone that cares to listen about these issues because I mean well. More importantly, I want Nigeria to be better for the citizenry under Buhari. 

Unfortunately, the policies don't really seem to portend any relieve for the hard pressed masses. For me, I don't really have a dog in this issue, other than my 95 years old mother who lives in Nigeria. Myself and my kids are not subjected to Buhari's harsh policies in anyway. So I could care less. However, I pity those poor Nigerians who wake up daily to work hard only to have Buhari's crushing policies deprive them of any little enjoyment they may have.
So regarding Buhari's accomplishments so far? 

1.       Make life more difficult for Nigerians. 

You see if you have kids going to school abroad and you open account for them in Nigeria with the hope that they can use their debit card to pay their needs without you having to send money daily. With these new policies, they are super stranded. 

Last week I have to send $300 to my cousin who was traveling in the US so she can at least eat and get around before returning to Nigeria. Imagine what will happen if she doesn't have anyone to ask for help. If fighting money laundry is the case, the whole world fights money laundering without imposing crushing chokes on their citizenry. If protecting the Naira is the case, Nigeria can at least learn from Russia, engage in regulated devaluation of the Naira. If you allow the traders to devalue the currency, the nation may save a few bucks here and there, but the citizenry will pay a million folds of whatever was saved. So its penny wise, pounds foolish!

 If fighting capital flight is the issue, if you cannot spend then you cannot receive. So, the net zero score hurts the economy more. On this one Buhari and his folks seems to forget the bigger picture adverse impacts of their policies on law abiding Nigerians. They also seem to forget that the purpose of a good government is to make and implement the policies that make life easy for the citizenry, not the ones that makes it more difficult for them. 

You see, if you are a small business owner and you depend on foreign support to do your business, now you can no longer do your business because you cannot buy dollars freely, and you cannot use your debit and credit cards abroad! What happens to your initial investments?

2.       Impose severe policies that will lead to hardship

As you can see, there is severe capital flight already. More importantly, Naira is losing value daily. Why implement a policy that gives the determination of the Naira in the hand of the parallel sellers. Nigeria is a consuming economy operated on the global dollar scale. Once you choke dollar availability, in the name of protecting foreign reserve, then you kill the Naira and everything becomes expensive. Who faces that hardship, average poor person on the street. Over the past ten days, more than 15 foreign based Nigerians has contacted me to buy up dollars and give me Naira in Nigeria because I need Naira for my mother's upkeep. You know what this means? They are trying to get their money out of Nigeria before it loses too much value. 

Initially, I wanted to help them, again.. Nigeria is still my country and I don't see how I can help anyone implement capital flight... so I declined. 

3.       Take away people's civil liberties, arrest and kill anyone who dare voice any serious opposition to his government policies. 

I know Buhari and a lot of Nigerians doesn't get it, self determination is a core tenet of democracy. Where is Kanu today? What happened to MASSOB and Shitte people? In my view MASSOB or IPOB just wants attention; nobody wants a repeat of the civil war. Even the party that won that war is not praying for a repeat. 

So in my view, IPOB and MASSOB are pressure groups just seeking a chance for meaningful dialog. If Jail and gunshots is what they get instead, I'm afraid....there is no more democracy. Let me ask you a question, if you have many wives and one of the wives and her kids begin to trouble you and just get nasty, what do you do? Kill that woman and drown her kids? Or do you ask the kids to go to bed and you take the woman aside to find out what is wrong, and if possible set her straight when the kids are not watching? 

See, I am hell afraid that Buhari's high handedness on the Kanu situation will drive the nail home on the Ibos that there is really no place for them in Nigeria. I think Buhari should have just find a way to get Kanu and some Ibo leaders in a dialogue and possibly tell them, folks shape up, no more of this nonsense or you will be tried and jailed! Now, he is charging Kanu for treason. Well, good luck to that endeavor, I am not sure that is the right thing to do. 

Buhari needs to remember, that he who has the means and the force of the state on his disposal should not be rash. But like I said again, who am I to say or have an opinion one way or the other in these matters?

 Other than these three goals, I don't see any other accomplishment. Let me know if you want more explanations. Like I said before, I pray Nigeria will survive this time and find a lasting peace.

Olusegun Phillips-Alonge is a trained civil engineer and project management professional, his work experience includes working as project engineer for a multinational oil and gas company in Nigeria, and working extensively in management capacity with baseline responsibility for the planning and development of complex high visibility public facilities and infrastructure in the United States.