Biafra: Photos of Nnamdi Kanu in Court

Following the six count charges filed against Nnamdi Kanu and two other pro-Biafra members by the Federal government of Nigeria, Mazi Nnamdi kanu appeared in court on Wednesday December 23, 2015 but objected to stand the trial on the excuse that he does not have confidence of getting fair hearing in the court.

The decision of Nnamdi Kanu made Justice Ahmed Mohammed to decline hearing the case on the note that the federal government had in previous occasions disobeyed the court. He also noted that since the accused does not have confidence in the court, there will be no need to continue the case.

He then handed over the entire file presented to the Chief Judge of the High Court to reassign the case.

However, here are some of the photos of Nnamdi Kanu with his Mother, sister and others.